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King Arthur flour

Am looking for King Arthur rye flour, cake flour, and bread flour in the Philadelphia area. Does anyone know where they can be purchased?


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  1. I have purchased King Arthur products @ Walmart and Wegmans.

    1. Also at Whole Foods and Acme

      1. Also at Fresh Market and Genuardi's.

        1. Whole Foods has bread flour, all-purpose, and whole-wheat. I've never seen rye or cake flour. In New England, I used and loved their self-rising flour. I've asked Whole Foods if they would stock it, but got a negative response.

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            FYI - They may not stock it, but I bet they'd order it for you.

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              No, they said they couldn't. It was a few years ago. If folks have had good luck with special orders at WF, I might try again.

          2. i managed to score some organic 'white whole wheat' at the local acme yesterday. didn't look at what else was there too closely, but was surprised at the options there.

            1. A source at Trader Joe's (who wishes to remain nameless) said that all TJ's flour is King Arthur flour repackaged under private label agreement.

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                When TJ dropped King Arthur's flour I emailed both companies to complain about it. TJ said they wanted to be able to always provide the lowest cost and couldn't tie themselves down to one vendor any more so they were going with their own brand on flour and buy from various flour companies. KA told me that they had been dropped by TJ because they couldn't lower the price to them any further.

                Now I wonder what the heck is the truth.

                I'll have to take a look at the TJ flour and see if they put the protein percentage on their package. That's one of the nice (and necessary in my view) things that you can always find on the KA package. I make a lot of bread and that protein percentage really does help me. (BTW, it's not the figure on the Nutritional Label).

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                  My information was from about nine months ago, if that helps. Maybe your info is more current.

              2. Most major grocery store brands in the area carry King Arthur products.

                1. I have had good luck with the flours at Essene on S. 4th street. It is a small natural foods store. I can't honestly recall their selection of King Arthur brand specific flours, but they have a good amount of Bobs Red Mill and Arrowhead Mills flours. Also, Whole Foods usually has KA Bread flour, but the others might have to be ordered. (But I bet they'd be willing to do that for you.)

                  1. Giants carries the Bread flour and the All-puropse, but not the rest. For anything else, I haul out their catalog and drool on almost any page. Their Deli-Rye flavoring is agreat add, even to just plain Bread flour. And their Apple cider syrup is to die for!

                    1. They have a new gluten-free baking mix (fake flour, essentially) that I can't wait to try! Haven't seen it in stores yet, but I'm chomping on the bit.

                      I have heard that it's *very* advantageous to order directly from KA if you use their products in any significant quantity. I mention this b/c it hadn't occurred to me that they sell it retail on the internets; but lo, they do.

                      1. I get KA flour at Superfresh and Whole Foods.