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Jun 16, 2010 05:35 PM

Good eating neighborhood in Portland with a toddler

My husband and I are bringing our 2-year-old to Portland for a few days. We've never been. We'd like to base ourselves in a fun neighborhood with easy access to public transportation (if we can't walk where we want to go) and GOOD FOOD (which is why I'm on Chowhound and not Trip Advisor). Casual is a given, with the kid. He's a sweet boy but way too energetic for anything fancy. And don't worry—we won't ruin your dinner by taking him out at prime time. Neighborhood and specific restaurant recommendations welcome.

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  1. I think the challenge will be finding a place to stay in toddler/chow friendly neighborhoods.

    The foodcart scene in Portland is quite active these days - it would be fun to explore and toddler friendly. Downtown carts are primarily focused on weekday lunches. There are cart pods in several fun N and NE neighborhoods including Alberta (around 23rd) and and Mississippi@Skidmore that might be good. These neighborhoods are also chockablock with coffeeshops and bakeries - but not a lot of lodging in the area (that I'm aware of) and those areas are further afield from other Portland attractions like the Japanese Gardens, the Zoo, OMSI, Powells Books, etc... the carts are tagged by location.

    1. Here's a thread with ideas for both eats and lodging: