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Jun 16, 2010 05:34 PM

Help me find some family owned bagel shops?

I am in need of some help... There was a very old post from 2007 about finding bagels and nothing new since then. Do you know of a great family owned bagel shop in the area that you love? A place that is open in the AM and serves fresh bagels? Thanks for any help!

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  1. Stein's Market and Deli

    Stein's Market & Deli
    2207 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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    1. re: runCP3

      +1 on Stein's. I believe they get their bagels from NYC but bake them there. Great breakfast sandwiches.

      1. re: midcity

        Pretty sure they make them from scratch.

        1. re: CharlieH

          Nope, they're H&H. Good, but not from scratch.

    2. Laurel Street Bakery, very chewy.

      1. Creole Bagelry in Slidell. It's worth the drive! Great homemade bagels and flavored cream cheeses, plus they have breakfast sandwiches and deli style sandwiches at lunch.

        Surrey's La Playa (and the original Surrey's on Magazine) has great homemade bagels too.

        Creole Bagelry
        1337 Gause Blvd Ste 102, Slidell, LA 70458

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        1. re: TulaneJeff

          We got some bagels at Creole Bagelry over the holidays and they were great! Thanks for the recommendation. Their artichoke cream cheese is heavenly too.

          Creole Bagelry
          1337 Gause Blvd Ste 102, Slidell, LA 70458

        2. Since moving here from nyc, I have yet to find a decent pizza or an adequate bagel!


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          1. re: NYNO

            Good bagels are hard to find in New Orleans. For good NY style pizza, try Lazaro's in Mid-City. It's somewhat grubby and the service can be spotty (delivery can be slow, and even when you pick up, your order often might not be ready when they said it would be), but it's tasty pizza. It's attached to the Banks St. Bar.

            1. re: landmark

              I will definitely check them out. Thanks for the suggestion.

            2. re: NYNO

              And even Stein's doesn't have an Italian hoagie authentic enough for me. I don't think it's fair to hold the pizzerias and bagelries here to New York standards, just as I don't think it would be fair to hold a place in New York to the same standards I have here for red beans. You might just have to lower your standards a little. :)

              1. re: midcity

                Exactly, cause I could go on and on about how I can't find a roast beef poboy up here, or properly boiled crawfish or decent red beans, or a muff or a snowball.. or.... or....... etc, etc.
                And I must say that I am not that impressed with the pizza up here (now that may be as I didn't really eat it growing up like most from NY/NJ), but I do love a bagel now.

                1. re: roro1831

                  If you're in NY take the Q to ave J stop and check out DiFaras.

                  You wont be disappointed.

                2. re: midcity

                  Absolutely. My standards were re-calibrated long before I even moved ;)

                  Interestingly, people just dont get it when I tell them I can get better pho here than I can anywhere in NYC. If the Vietnamese population were large enough in NY, there would be more than one place with adequate broth.

                  The same principle applies.

                  I ate a lot of pizza and bagels (and pastrami, and corned beef!) growing up and miss them more than I thought I would.

                  1. re: NYNO

                    I miss hoagies. Stein's would be all right if they got hoagie peppers, I think. I brought some sandwich oil and peppers back from home with me a few months ago but haven't tried them on a storebought sandwich yet.

                    It's funny how people in NY can't believe that there is better food to be had in other places, depending on the cuisine.

                3. re: NYNO

                  NYNO, I agree. Just got back from the Jersey shore. Belly lox and fresh, hot bagels for breakfaexcellent st and more pizza than I can remember eating in a long, long time (spent my youth in Jersey).

                  1. re: NYNO

                    Sugerman's Bagels! It just opened and certainly fills a necessary niche. Really authentic homemade NY bagels right here in New Orleans! Who would've thought. It's not a shop, though. You have to order a dozen bagels in advance to pick up in the bywater or can buy individually at Hollygrove market. Highly recommended!

                  2. Nola Cake Cafe in the Marigny makes bagels in the mornings. my gf seems to enjoy them..

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                    1. re: kibbles

                      I have tried Laurel St. & Cake Cafe. both tasete like bread in the shape of a bagel, not a real bagel.

                      Martins and Stein's both sell H&H bagels.

                      Tower in Metairie is pretty good pizza. If you happen to be looking on a Sunday night, Pizza Delicious is by far the closest thing to real NY pizza to be found in NOLA

                      1. re: paz5559

                        +1 on pizza delicious. they are slow and somewhat disorganized, but it is the best pizza in the city bar none. wish hey take it full time.

                        1. re: kibbles

                          My wife and I are moving to The Bywater in August and now I'm looking forward to trying PD!