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Jun 16, 2010 04:24 PM

Scotch/Whiskey Tastings

I'm planning a fun date afternoon/evening for me and my husband for this saturday June 19th in Boston. He recently graduated from Grad School and just wanted to plan something fun and relaxing.

My thought was a beer or scotch tastings or pairing either before or after dinner. Is there anyhting out there like that in Boston?

Any other suggestions about where to have dinner that is fun, but a little nicer than your average burger joint. I thought briefly about Whiskey Priest to and do a whiskey tasting at the bar and then stay for dinner, but haven't panned anything yet!

Any other suggestions more than welcome! Drinks, Dinner, or any other event!


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  1. probably not exactly what you want, but my wife and I did a two day Bourbon/American Whiskey class at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. Pretty interesting, although the cab ride home afterwards was essential after trying 15-17 bourbons.

    1. The Boston Center for Adult Education has had Scotch & Whiskey tastings before (in addition to other liquors, wines, etc). You should check them out!

      1. If it's Scotch, it's Whisky (no "e").