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Jun 16, 2010 04:00 PM

[DC Metro Area] Sloppy Joe's?

Any place to find a good quality sloppy joe sandwich in the metro area?

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  1. I'm guessing that the Weenie Beenie may have them? Makes me long for the loose meat in the Midwest.

    Weenie Beenie
    2680 S Shirlington Rd, Arlington, VA 22206

    1. Not a sloppy joe, but flavors reminiscent to it: Eventide's bison sliders. They really reminded me of a good sloppy joe.

      1. G Street Food in Foggy Bottom does one. Having never had it myself, I cannot vouche for it, but my friend really liked his. The menu changes a lot but the sloppy joe seems to be a staple.

        I second ktmoomau's post about the bison sliders at Eventide- delicious!! Another messy, insane sandwich that may bring back the same food memories as a sloppy joe (and also in Arlington) is the buffalo meatloaf sandwich at ScrewTop. It is amazing- gooey and cheesy and even a little spicey. I highly recommend it.

        G Street Food
        1706 G St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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        1. re: JAC13

          What kind of sloppy joe are we talking about?

          The ground beef-tomato sauce sandwich (a la Manwich).

          Or the triple-decker deli sandwich with turkey, corned beef, roast beef, Russian dressing, swiss cheese and cole slaw? At least, that's what those of us from New Jersey call a sloppy joe.

            1. re: jaydreb

              Definitely the ground beef variety (and hopefully better than the Manwich iteration).

          1. lola's on barracks row has good sloppy joe sliders.

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            1. Ted's Bulletin on Barracks row has a spruced up one. but good luck getting in!

              Ted's Bulletin
              505 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003