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Jun 16, 2010 03:17 PM

Ex-Vegan looking for new kicks!

Hi guys!

After about five years of veganism and many years of vegetarianism, I've become bored. What news things do I need to try? First of all, I had no idea that bacon was so good, as well as pancetta. I've also fallen deeply in love with tinned fish. And steak. And Philly Cheese-steaks!

As for dairy, I've been eating a lot of greek yogurt and fresh ricotta. Soo yummy!

What should be next on my list? I'm feeling adventurous -


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  1. Roasted bone marrow! (Grass-fed, of course.)

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    1. re: Loach

      I just found a recipe that I'm dying to try. I love savory things with toast, so I think I'll really like it. Thanks!

    2. Well I've considered the things I would miss the most if I ever went vegan, so maybe you'll enjoy them now that you're not:

      Honey, ice cream, goat cheese, whipped cream, butter (probably best enjoyed in shortbread, or to fry a grilled cheese sandwich in...), mascarpone, milk chocolate, things cooked in duck fat.

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        I've never had duck fat before! Or duck, actually. And butter. OMG. I had no idea how good it tastes. Thanks so much!

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          Duck fat fries, merquez duck and boar sausages. Wild boar if you can find it. Fish and chips.

      2. First, welcome back. Second, I suspect you haven't gotten many replies simply because people don't know where to start. It's not only meat, but meat and dairy. Are you more likely to eat out, or cook it yourself? That's a lot of ground to cover.

        I don't see chicken on your list. Zuni roast chicken is popular here (I haven't made it yet, but people rave over the bread salad). The Morrocan Million Dollar chicken has earned followers (the recipe looks like a disaster, but is actually delicious).

        Have you had barbequed ribs yet (ever?). If you like philly cheese steak, you are going to love sausage and peppers. Screw marinara, make a bolognese!

        I've fallen off the vegetarian wagon, twice, but I've promised myself i am going to eat fish eyes this summer. I don't know if you're ready for fish eyes, but Chow's tell me to pick the head clean of meat in my forage. You could start by grilling salmon. Or getting sushi, but don't limit yourself to rolls, but some nice pieces of fish that just shine in their own little spotlight (please eat some eel, if you haven't already).

        Frankly, you having been a vegi/vega who is up for a challenge makes me want to tell you to eat liver and onions . . . but I won't.

        But you should be making your own rice pudding, and whipped cream, and ice cream. And creme fraiche.

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        1. re: onceadaylily

          I know! What a terribly general question to ask! :) I've been cooking a lot of chicken lately - surprised at how easy it is. I'll check those recipes out for sure.

          I just promised someone that I would eat eyeballs if I ever had the chance. As for sushi, I've been eating tons of sashimi and even eel (which I'm soo grateful I tried - it's heaven).

          I used to love liver/onions as a kid and I've been thinking about some liverwurst from a good deli in SLC - so I'm slowly getting there!

          Thanks so much! :) This is so fun!

        2. hmmm how about lamb skewers with a yogurt mint sauce or a gyro with tzaki sauce.

          Fish Tacos are a favorite of mine

          If you haven't yet, had filet mignon I would suggest that but I have a feeling you have.

          Summer is a grea time to enjoy good BBQ - Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Chicken Wings, Ribs, Brisket, etc.

          Also chimichurri skirt steak is amazing. Brats with sauerkraut in a pretzle bread bun, Choirizo, italian sausage.

          and what about the amazing sandwiches you have been missing out on.
          the cuban
          the reuben
          Italian meat sub
          Banh Mi (with meat not tofu)
          The club sandwich - consist of various meats plus bacon. I like ham turkey and bacon
          Roast Beef and Swiss
          grilled cheese
          chicken/ tuna salad sandwiches

          Pizza - what about a white pizza maybe with fresh ricotta buffalo mozzerella and slices of tomato, topped off with a little olive oil

          english style fish and chips

          wow the list can go on forever. The world is your oyster. You have so many new opportunities. Enjoy!

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          1. re: Sandwich_Sister

            Thanks so much! Can you believe I've never had a proper Banh Mi sandwich or a reuban? I love sandwiches, so I've got a lot to try. I'm esp. excited for that Banh Mi.

            I've been making a lot of pizzas lately - and I can't eat enough of it. I don't know if I've seen real buffalo mozzarella in SLC?

          2. Make deviled eggs. They're one of my simple pleasures. There's a video on Chow right now about how to do it.

            If you dig fresh ricotta, by all means make lasagna -- your choice, meat or no meat. If you don't use meat, use Bechamel, as well as the ricotta and mozzarella -- and lots of good zucchini, eggpland, onions and mushrooms.

            In the summer I make a meatloaf with half good chopped sirloin and half Italian sausage meat; saute a little chopped red pepper and onion up, mix the meat up with an egg and a little grated Pecorino (Romano) cheese, roll it out, and spread it with the vegetable mixture. Roll it up, place in baking dish and cook. Cool/chill it and slice it thin, serving it with mustard mayonnaise (or, in your case, cheese and good bread!).

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              I almost mentioned meatloaf, and I'm glad I didn't ,*bows to you*. I thought that I as a Midwesterner, had fully explored and exhausted the meatloaf. The first time I made a meatloaf for the boyfriend, I earned a look of glazed admiration. "It's better than my mom's," he said (high praise here). "It . . . doesn't even need SALT!"

              Meatloaf, jelly-rolled, served cold. Fantastic.

              1. re: shaogo

                Meatloaf sounds soo good. I'll try that.

                For Father's Day I'm making deviled eggs - I found a recipe w/ bacon and cheddar. Deviled Eggs used to be one of my favorite things ever.