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Jun 16, 2010 02:50 PM

Best Hush Puppies in Northern Virginia Area

I am hosting a dinner party next week and do not want to attempt cooking hush puppies. Can you send me suggestions of where I can find the best hush puppies in the Northern Virginia area (Loudoun or Fairfax counties preferred)?

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  1. I suspect that hush puppies more than about 5 minutes away from frying aren't going to be very good, so no point in looking for the best ones unless there's a place a couple of blocks from where you live that makes them. Make a practice run over the weekend. They're simple and you can find a satisfactory recipe on a box of corn meal (an essential ingredient).

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      hush puppies, like mike says, must be hot out of the fryer. and reheating them if you bought them is not going to cut it, tastewise. they really *are* easy.

      is it that you are afraid of the deeper oil in your dutch oven? if so, don't worry, you don't need but about 3-1/2" or so (well...depending on how many you want to make, and the size of your pot).

      here's a recipe from the great john folse:
      you can omit the corn, and can use a sweet onion instead of the green onion. use peanut oil, in my opinion, for the best flavor, but any good veg oil will do. many southern cooks listed "wesson" in older home-style recipes.

      honestly, you'll be proud of yourself and they don't really take much time. everyone will adore you!

      for those in arlington, cowboy cafe on lee hwy has good hush puppies.