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Jun 16, 2010 02:07 PM

Family friendly Euro-style gastro-pub with beer garden in Toronto?

I'm looking for a nice place to grab a beer and a decent bite to eat with the husband in celebration of Father's Day, and was hoping to find a nice pub with a family friendly beer garden. Somewhere with an actual garden with grass instead of a patio.

Really hoping for some good pub grub (good homemade fish and chips, homemade steak and ale pies, that sort of thing).

The three year old will be with us. Not looking for a chain restaurant.

Is there such a thing in TO or Durham Region?

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  1. This is not pub food, but it looks like such a lovely way to spend Father's Day. A total comfort food dinner served in the courtyard of St. Aidan's church. (then click on Events)

    1. The Black Dog pub has good food, good beer, is family-friendly and has a nice leafy garden patio. They also have a Father's Day special.