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Jun 16, 2010 01:44 PM

Looking for Good Korean BBQ in Pasadena

I am looking for an authentic Korean BBQ in Pasadena area.

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  1. Look no further... ;-D> (K town is not that far away)

    You could try:

    Ka-San Korean BBQ
    3115 Foothill Boulevard
    La Crescenta, CA 91214-2691
    (818) 249-5500

    1. Eh...good luck with that. I think the closest you'll come is Gyu-Kaku in Old Town - a Japanese take on Korean BBQ with awesome happy hour prices. Or Cham Bistro near Lake Ave - not BBQ per se, but it has kalbi/bulgogi and really fresh-tasting, well-prepared California/Korean dishes.
      If you're looking for authentic, you can get to K-Town from Pasadena in less than a half hour. Just make the drive; it's worth it.

      1. Not necessarily all that authentic, but the best of the group is probabaly Yong Dong Tofu in nearby Arcadia (in the Pavilions shopping center).

        1. La Crescenta has turned into quite the mini-Koreatown. A few BBQ places have appeared on Foothill, but I've not been to any of them yet. They also have a couple good Korean markets there. I buy my Kimchi ingredients at one by the giant church.