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Jun 16, 2010 01:37 PM

New Sandwich Truck in Redwood City!

I was at Kaiser getting a Rx which wasn't ready so I had 20 minutes free. I had passed a food truck while finding parking, so I walked back down to the corner of Veterans and Walnut and found the truck, "The Southern Sandwich Co." I was their first customer on their first day of business! I had the Carolina Pulled Pork sandwich with a side of potato salad and real sweet iced tea to drink. The sandwich had a good size portion of tender, smoky and spicy pulled pork, pickles, onions and coleslaw on a toasted sesame seed bun dressed with mustard. It was excellent, The potato sald good as well, more mustard and vinegar flavor than mayo making it not so heavy. I couldn't finish the salad. Tea was not cloyingly sweet which I was prepared for, very good pair for the sandwich.

Run by 2 nice lads who used to run a place in the city, Frisee I think they said. Both are from Texas originally.

They only had 2 sanwich offerings today but are going to ramp up. I urged them to do a fried chicken sandwich which they said was planned but wanted to get the recipe and execution right first.

They will be around the RC area as well as street fairs, food festivals, surf spots etc.

If you see the all black truck in RC don't hesitate to stop by and encourage them to get the fried chicken sandwich going soon!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to trying them out soon.

    1. Just looked at the webite (Aug. 3, 2010) - Says fried chicken sandwhich debuts this week Quotes form site:
      "about 1 hour ago we said, Doors open promptly at noon!
      about 1 hour ago we said, Change of plans! Going to do a 30 min lunch shuffle along veterans blvd. Pacific shores wants us to vacate.
      about 2 hours ago we were Heading to dreamworks at pacific shores center. Fried chicken Sando debuts this week! Lunch 1130 to 2!"