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Jun 16, 2010 01:19 PM

How does Houston cool off??

I am new to Houston from Louisiana and can't help but notice (and lament) the lack of snowball stands! I live in the Upper Kirby area so maybe I just haven't come across one yet... but how do Houstonians (is this the preferred nomenclature?) cool off during the hot summer without em?? What's the substitute?

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  1. The NO style snowballs are few and far between here. There is one close to me on Center Street in Deer Park. They are wonderful. The line is so long all of the time after June.

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      I also enjoy the smoothies that refresquerias serve when it is hot out. Not familiar with ones in Houston but I stop most weekends and get a melon one at the refresqueria on the seawall in Galveston next to Gordita's restaurant.

    2. texasredtop is right about the NO style. I think I saw one way out on either Westheimer or Bellaire, not far inside Hwy 6 last year.

      Substitutes would include snow cone stands and Hawaiian shaved ice stands which I see a lot of but seldom open for some reason. In Mexican neighborhoods (there's one near you) look for Refresquerias serving licuados and aguas frescas. I think the term Raspa indicates a Mexican style snow cone in local parlance; you might also see granizado. Flavors will of course differ.

      There are a very few places serving Italian ices, too.

      You might look into the Paleteras (sp? - palaterias), basically Mexican ice cream shops. Most of the ones around here are actually chains rather than Mom and Pop places and are usually very brightly lit and neat and aimed at families with small children and have some menu items beyond ice creams. l I don't know if they would also have raspas but it wouldn't hurt to look into it.

      Oh yeah - how do we cool off without em? We eat Blue Bell.

      1. Channel 11 is doing a poll on snow cone stands this week and will have the results on Friday. There will probably be some mentions of NO type places in the comments.

        1. If the Heights isn't to far then Mango Beach is the BEST! Wide variety of snow cone/slushies, ice coffee drinks, and inexpensive to. It's also right across the street from a park!