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Jun 16, 2010 11:36 AM

2010 Foodie Tootle - Calgary

I went on a 'Foodie Tootle' a few weekends ago. It was put on by Cookbook Company who loaded 40 people onto a chartered bus and took us to the Central Alberta area for a leisurely day. We toured Sylvan Star cheese, The Jungle Farm and Edgar Farms. Lunch and dinner and wine were included, as well as many nibbly samples through out the tour. I understand there is another one coming up in August that will tour the Canmore area, including Valbella meats. A third will be in October at an organic turkey farm, which will include a turkey dinner and fixin's (my favorite meal!!). I would highly recommend it for any foodie in Calgary, especially those interested in the local slow food movement. It was a fun relaxing outing for a day. I believe you can find out more info. from Cookbook Company newsletter or City Palate magazine.

No Chowhound Police, I don't work there or have any affiliation with them or the sponsors! I'm just fussy foodie, giving the heads up to the other Calgary Foodies!

Check it out Chow Friends, maybe I'll see you at the next one!

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  1. Thanks T
    I saw an ad about this and was curious...will definitely check out the dates for the coming ones.

    1. There's more info here under "Special Bus Tours"

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            May I ask what they served for Lunch and Dinner? That seems like a pretty neat day for $100.

            1. re: Major_9000

              Lunch was at Sylvan Star Cheese. It was a 'picnic' type - cheese, variety of sausage, pickles, crackers, fresh bread, fruits, dips, brownies, biscotti, lemonaide, etc... Then we finished off what was left of that stuff, pre-dinner with some beers or rhubarb punch. Dinner was local lamb, potato salad, lentils, two green salads and tonnes of asparagus prepared in 3 different ways, more fresh bread, rhubarb cake and all washed down with plenty of organic wines. I am sure I missed a few things on the formal 'menu' and the farmers were serving samples of a variety of their products as we visited each place. It was sooooooo worth $100.

              1. re: TSAW

                Thanks for sharing TSAW, very cool.

        1. These have been running for a while now (but not heavily advertised, I think) - I went to one a few years back hosted by dee Hobsbawn Smith (a local chef & author).

          I also highly recommend. When I went, I think the cost was $45 or something ridiculous like that - no wonder they upped the price.

          All in all it was a fabulous day outing - lunch, dinner & snacks included. We ended up at a lamb ranch/farm somewhere around Red Deer - I forget the name of the place. Dinner was cooked at the farm, by dee & others from food purchased during the day's travels.

          It was a wonderful day and I am looking into getting a few friends together to go again, that's for sure!!!

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            You were probably at Pasu Farms, I've been wanting to try their South African BBQ for awhile now: they're in Carstairs...about halfway between Calgary and Red Deer.

            1. re: maplesugar

              It wasn't Pasu, that I know for sure. I think it may have been Katadin (or something like that) - closer to Red Deer - anyhow, the sheep were a special breed that looked more like goats! LOL...

              I've also been wanting to try Pasu - heard many good things...

              1. re: dollykat

                I went on a food tootle this spring to visit Ewe Farm, Noble farm (ducks), and a chicken farm with sheep. We had such a wonderful time. It was great to meet the farmers and their children and to learn about their products. The food was fabulous - lunch was a wonderful spread of meats, cheeses, trout pate, and a whole bunch of other treats. Beer and wine was included in all the meals. Dinner was incredible - duck spring rolls, lamb, asparagus, heritage tomatoes, duck salad, purple potatoes, and homemade pie. The cost was $120 but well worth it. I felt I got more than my money's worth. We were able to buy product from the farms - picked up lots goat cheese, lamb, and eggs. I could have gotten a duck, but I have no idea how to make it. I can't wait to attend another tootle.

                1. re: clouie

                  Are there any coming up any time soon? These sound awesome!

                  1. re: julzanderson

                    I'm copying and pasting straight from their website:

                    Saturday, August 20, Noon to 10 PM ­ A Summer Tootle to Lethbridge

                    This tour will celebrate summer with a gorgeous barbecue and the best of the season’s
                    vegetables. We are going to picnic our way to Coalhurst for our first stop at Broek Pork Acres
                    to meet the Vanden Broek family and their pastured and naturally raised Berkshire pork. We’ll
                    then head onto Lethbridge to tour Broxburn Vegetables many acres and dine on the divine
                    swine and summer’s bounty of vegetables before a late evening return to Calgary.

                    Sunday, October 2, 10 AM sharp to 8:30PM – A Thanksgiving Turkey Tootle

                    This tour will give you a chance to shop directly at local farms for your Thanksgiving dinner the
                    following weekend. We’ll visit Poplar Bluffs for root vegetables, Winter’s Turkey farms, Paradise
                    Hill Farm followed by dinner at Heartland Café in Okotoks.

                    I'm going to attend the August event. It really is such a unique experience and the woman (Karen Anderson) puts so much effort into the event to make it fun, informative and delicious. I can't wait for the next feast. I don't remember the last time I ate so well. Seriously -we had two big feasts and several snacks.