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Jun 16, 2010 11:13 AM

Downtown Silver Spring for 30 people?

I'm helping plan a group dinner from afar and I've landed on the Downtown Silver Spring area as the perfect location for our dinner, but I need a place that's decent, serves liquor and has a place to seat 30-35 people together? Any ideas?

This is the site I'm checking out, but narrowing it down by visiting each site and not knowing quality is proving difficult!

Any thoughts/recommendations?

Thanks so much!

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  1. I don't know if Sergio's can handle such a large group, but it would be my choice.

    1. Ray's the Classics.

      Ray's the Classics
      8606 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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      1. re: DanielK

        I hardly think Ray's can handle a group that large. It has enough trouble handling groups bigger than 4 (really 2).

        1. re: skipper

          I've never been to Ms K's Toll house but I know they offer banquets and weddings so they should be able to handle big groups.

          1. re: skipper

            I've been to a number of dinners for large groups at Ray's, and they were excellent.

            For a group that large they'll offer a limited menu in order to get all of the entrees out at the same time, but pretty much any place will.

        2. What kind of food are you looking for? How much do you want to spend?

          If you're interested in something ethnic, there are lots of options. Here are a couple that come to mind.

          Taste of Morocco - very nice atmosphere and good food. I know they do groups because I went to a Bat Mitzvah dinner there. On weekends, they have a belly dancer.

          Mi Rancho - standard Tex-Mex food, but well-done and a very festive atmosphere. I have seen relatively large groups there -especially on the covered patio area.

          MI Rancho MD
          8701 Ramsey Ave, Silver Spring, MD

          Taste of Morocco
          8661 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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          1. re: jerirl

            I'll agree that both Mi Rancho and Taste of Morocco do groups well, but I don't consider the food at either place anything above passable.

            Taste of Morocco
            8661 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

            Mi Rancho Restaurant
            1488 Rockville Pike Ste A, Rockville, MD 20852

          2. You might consider McGinty's Irish Pub. I believe they could accomodate a group that big, it is centrally located in the pedestrian area in downtown silver spring, there is plenty of parking in the city lots only a block away, the food is decent, not too pricey, and the staff have always been friendly when I've been there.