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Jun 16, 2010 11:04 AM

looking for lunch between Austin and Dallas

Any tips appreciated. No idea where to go.

New York City

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  1. I like the Elite in Waco. It's very historic and they served a great chicken fried steak when I was there a couple of years ago. It's just about halfway between Austin and Dallas so it's a good place to take a break, as well.

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    1. re: Rene

      Elite has a really great chocolate cake and chicken fried steak.

    2. At Exit # 292/293 in Belton.

      Deadfish Grill @ 2207 Lake Rd., Belton, TX 254 - 939 - 5771.
      Oxbow Steakhouse @ 2801 S Interstate 35, Belton, TX‎ - (254) 939-0588.

      Not open for lunch but great for dinner starting 5PM.

      The Range Restaurant @ 101 North Main Street, Salado, TX 254 - 947 - 3828.

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          We live in Belton and I prefer Deadfish over the Oxbow. The Oxbow is quite rustic. Deadfish is a fairly new restaurant on the lake. The smoked rib eye is pretty good and the mussels are not bad, but in off peak hours the food is not quite as good as at dinner.

        2. The Czech Stop. Exit 353.

          Many people stop here. Open 24 hrs I think. Kolaches!

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            this is a mandatory stop when I make this dreaded commute!
            a dozen hots with cheese and a dozen randome sweets = <3

          2. I came in to suggest the Turkey Shop in Abbott, which seemed frozen in time but did have some rather tasty turkey, but a quick googling tells me that it is no more.

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              Burgundy Pastured Beef. They raise their own grassfed cattle and serve one item at the grill, a cheeseburger. More on the way to Fort Worth on 35W, but worth the detour, and you can load up on quality meat at the butcher shop.

              1. re: pankofish

                In On main street in West texas there is a place called Sulak's Cafe it is off the highway they have the most amazing homecooked old style food . The house dressing is so good!! It has been family owned forever and so is so yummy!

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                    The town of West. It's understandable...

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                Turkey shop is alas is now a bbq place :(

              3. Try Vitek's in Waco. It's mid-way and along the highway. They really promote their Frito Pie-ish 'Gut Pak', but it's all pretty great. Certainly better and different than going to Rudy's down the street!