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Jun 16, 2010 10:59 AM

One Sister Underground‏??

I'll be visiting Chcago soon and just learned of this. Looks liek something I'd love to do, haas anyone been?

Head to chef Iliana Regan’s (One Sister Pierogi) Andersonville abode and snag one of ten spots at her communal table. After greeting you at the door, Regan retreats to her culinary lab, leaving you to chat with fellow foodies and sip from your flask (spot-on pairing suggestions are provided in advance).

Balancing molecular gastronomy (an everlasting gobstopper pomegranate shell encircling egg yolk and date puree) and simplicity (freshly foraged ramps, fava beans, honeydew sorbet), she unveils each of the ten elaborately imaginative courses one by one (and more than a few extras).

A perfectly paired sound track is in the works (gangsta rap enhances the “Xplicit” foie gras; “Octopus’s Garden” plays alongside root beer-infused squid).

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  1. Steve Dolinsky , aka the hungry hound, had less than enthusiastic things to say about them on his

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    1. re: hoppy2468

      In his post, Steve was focusing on the Rabbit Hole Chicago underground dining group. He has not actually tried One Sister, from what I read. I will be trying One Sister this evening and will be sure to let you know!

      1. re: Snackie

        Thanks for the correction. It rarely happens, but once in a while, i'm wrong!

    2. I'll be in Chicago the weekend of 7-15, how would i be able to find an underground event like this?

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        Just found this, at the end of the dailycandy article quoted by dautcalm:

        For reservations, call 773-598-0602 or e-mail, $90 suggested donation, plus gratuity. Upcoming dinners take place on June 11, 12, 25, and 26

        1. re: skokieam

          I have dined at One Sister's underground dining and it was delicious! I highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!

        2. re: thojoewen86

          if you google underground dining chicago you should be able to find listings on a couple of websites if you haven't already.

        3. Are there any dinners you folks know about for July?

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          1. re: thojoewen86

            yep, july 9th, 10th, 23rd are still open.