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Rehersal Dinner Space in Beverly Hills

We are getting married at the Four Seasons on Doheny and Most of our guests will be staying at the Four Seasons, the Montage or the Thompson. We are looking for a place to have our rehearsal dinner (about 125 people) and trying to spend under $17k. This is harder than it sounds. Our budget eliminates the Peterson, all BH hotels, PDC, etc. and our size eliminates most local restaurants. Anyone have any ideas? We are open to something fun and non-traditional (outside and hire real BBQ, the In-and Out Truck) but can't find a suitable location. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The Doheny
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. Here is one previous thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/536184 that may give you some ideas. Have you checked with El Torito Grill in B Hills? Don't know the maximum sized group they can handle, but worth checking.

    1. Have you checked out Wolfgang Puck catering? They have some spaces for events, including at Spago and Cut in Beverly Hills. Not in Beverly Hills, but accessible are some of their exclusive venues like the Pacific Design Center, Hammer Museum, Hollywood and Highland, and Sony Studios.


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        OP says s/he checked out the PDC (Pacific Design Center) and can't afford it--that would be the Wolfgang Puck catering space on the 3rd floor.

      2. El Torito Grill max is about 60, but you may be able to work something out for the main dining room. They're really great to work with!

        What about...
        Maggiano's at The Grove
        Napa Valley Grille
        Century Plaza Hyatt
        Nate & Al's

        Let me know what you end up with! We're looking for a rehearsal dinner too, somewhere the same part of town for about 50 people and El Torito Grill seems like the best bet so far!

        1. a few places to consider...

          Barney Greengrass

          50 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

          Barney Greengrass Restaurant
          9570 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

          1. You might want to contact Lawry's on La Cienega or perhaps Bouchon might work, if you took over the place:


            Lawry's Prime Rib
            100 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

            Palm Restaurant
            9001 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069

            Bouchon Bistro
            235 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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              Call Da Pasquale. Some friends did a buy-out of the restaurant for a rehearsal dinner and I know everyone was pleased. Don't know the capacity of the restaurant but I know that they do now have a full bar.

            2. First of all, congratulations! Here's a thought...It's just outside of Beverly Hills, but Barefoot on Third St. has a lovely space upstairs.

              1. Caterers always have a number of locations they recommend. Auntie Em's is terrific; I've been to a number of their events, and they do a great job. I'd give them a call.

                1. Have you checked with Il Cielo? I mentioned this thread to my mom and she said "Don't all rehearsal dinners happen at Il Cielo?" According to one site I saw, they have private rooms that can hold 150 people. Plus it is right across the street from the Four Seasons.

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                    I would have specifically mentioned il Cielo in my post above except, since it was the very first place recommended in the prior thread I linked to (by Ciao Bob IIRC), I figured the OP would see it there and check it out.

                  2. Unusual event spaces:
                    *SMOG SHOPPE in culver city (weird name but very cool) http://www.smogshoppe.com/
                    *Bradford Stewart gallery spaces: http://www.bradfordstewartspaces.com/...
                    (the outdoor one would work for BBQ or food truck
                    )*Lots of gallery spaces in Culver City/La Cienega area
                    *Check out BizBash for venues