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Jun 16, 2010 10:09 AM

Cooked lobster- how to reheat or make a simple dish

I am going to Maine tomorrow and plan to purchase lobsters where they will steam them for me. Will return Saturday and plan to pick the meat from the shells and serve it on Sunday. I would like to serve it plain (reheated) or in a very simple preparation- do not want anything to detract from the lobster. I never reheat lobster meat as it usually gets tough. I would love to put the meat in a ramekin with butter and reheat but do not want to ruin it. Thought of maybe rolling it in crepes. Any ideas on a foolproof way to reheat or serve in a simple dish??

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  1. First choice would be a gentle poach in butter......second, fill a Ziplock Bag and immerse in hot water.

    1. Lobster roll or salad maybe?

      A lobster eggs benedict would also be great. Don't need to reheat at all, just let the lobster meat come to room temp and the warm eggs and hollandaise sauce will easily "reheat" the lobster meat.

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        I second the lobster roll option - the meat is so luscious it seems a shame to mess with it too much. Epicurious has a number of good options if you enter "lobster roll" in their search recipe option.

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          I made lobster rolls last year for the first time. Nothing but mayo, s&p and I did add a little squirt of lemon juice. And, of course, you have to have the proper bun.

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            If the lobster filling is made right (quality lobster meat and a light hand with the seasonings), I could eat a lobster roll made with an old baseball mitt.

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              I second the import of the proper bun. An old-fashioned side-slit bun filled with a light touch lobster filling (I like parsley in there somewhere) is a Beautiful Thing.

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              lobster rolls or lobster salad is the way to go. Easy and really highlights the taste.

          2. Recently jfood linked to this lobster taco recipe that sounds terrific and also would work for your purposes:


            1. As others have suggested, reheating already-cooked lobster is far from optimal, as your instincts tell you. If you want to highlight it, just make a lobster salad, or top the salad of your choice with the chilled, steamed meat.

              For something a little bit outside the box, what about serving it with lettuce leaves, herbs and some nuoc cham for dipping?

              1. I've spent some time in Nova Scotia where they locals will tell you they have the best lobster in the world.. Funny enough I have heard that from many a New Englander as well... The thing is they come from the SAME WATER.. Lobsters don't care about an invisible line called the "border." Just thought I would point that out... In any case in both Maine and Nova Scotia the traditional way of eating lobster is cold. With maybe some cold corn and a cold potato salad.. The only thing that should be warm is your drawn garlic butter. Lobster has a totally different flavor/texture profile at different temperatures. Cold really highlights the flavor of the sea. Just my 2 cents.

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                  I just wouldn't add garlic to the butter.