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Jun 16, 2010 10:01 AM

Villa Rosa?

My mother just gave us a $50 gift certificate to Villa Rosa. I admit that I have never eaten there, but I can tell from what I've heard this is not my kind of place. Best way to use this thing up, order pizza to go? Is there a bar? Maybe a few drinks would put a dent in it?

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  1. It does have a bar. Nothing fancy. Its not the best but good pizza. Haven't been there in years. Good luck.

    1. The food and pizza there is awful. I would just drink!

      1. I'd go to the bar side, order a pizza and 6 or 7 beers, and maybe get some garlic bread. That should do it!

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        1. re: hiddenboston

          Is this the same Villa Rosa I knew in the 1970's, in Quincy there at East Milton?

          1. re: hazelhurst

            Yup, that's the one--the place where the servers ask the all-important question, "Whaddya want, honey?"

            1. re: hiddenboston

              The ole "Villa Grease-ah"--my goodness, that is longevity for a place that got a lot of flak. I think I last was in there in the 1980's. First place I ever saw someone drink Tuborg ...where are they now?.

              There never was much "good eatin' out there in those days. Emerson's in Randolph was a booming place.....

        2. Sadly, ulnless you spent your childhood in the immediate area and have some sentiment about the place you probably won't be loving it. I had my very first date there, and probably my very first taste of pizza when I was five years old, I definitely won't tell you how many years ago that was! In recent years I've found the staff to be as arrogant as when I was a kid, back then I thought it was because I was an annoying teenager now I know that they just don't get who their customer base is. I still know people who like it. Hiddenboston likes the pizza so that has to be a good recommendation!!

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          1. re: Pegmeister

            Yes, if anyone asks, let them know that I'm the person in the Boston area who likes their pizza. :-b

          2. Can only echo what other have said. The pizza isn't totally hideous, unlike everything else. Grab a pizza and some drinks.

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            1. re: RVT

              I went there with some people who told me it was a great place. The food and service were terrible. I would never go back.