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Jun 16, 2010 09:53 AM

Vancouver Dim Sum Carts near Westin Bayshore?


My sister and I are from Ottawa, ON and are going to be in Vancouver this weekend, staying at the Westin Bayshore. We don't have a car and would really like to go to a good dim sum place with carts on Sunday. Anyone have recommendations for something close to the Westin Bayshore within not-too-expensive taxi distance? I know that Floata is close however I'm a little reluctant by the reviews on here.


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    1. re: clutterer

      Not sure if it's ALL the cart places, but it's all the ones I could find :-). For the OP, just scroll down to the second to last post for the most recent update if you're in a hurry. Floata and Garden Villa are the only two within cheapish cabbing distance, and I can't personally recommend either (old data on Floata, haven't been to Garden Villa yet). The others are all a fair distance away, and transit from the Bayshore is not simple. If carts are a must and you're going to schlep to one, my favourite is Golden Ocean in Kerrisdale, but do be sure to Google Map before you make any decisions. These locations are kind of all out in the middle of nowhere for tourists... and not necessarily the best dimsum as carts are on the wane here.

      1. re: grayelf

        Thanks grayelf and clutterer. I had read that thread and still was undecided, hence the post. What about non-cart restos? Carts are definitely the appeal, however, I can be flexible on the experience as long as the food is good.

        1. re: Caribou

          "Close to Westin Bayshore" can be measured in distance or time. Richmond is a mere half-hour away by Skytrain and would be far more convenient and cheaper than taking a cab. That's the place to get dim sum. Take the train to Aberdeen Station (Sea Harbour, Fisherman's Terrace, Hotpot One) or Lansdowne (Shanghai River, Jade, Viva City, Empire Chinese Cuisine) for some good dim sum.

          (Not saying you can't get good dim sum downtown - Kirin Downtown and Cambie have good dim sum. Also not too far is Dynasty Seafood (formerly Rich Ocean) which is a board favourite.)

          1. re: fmed

            That's an interesting idea. It looks like about 10 blocks from the Bayshore to the Waterfront Skytrain Station. There are a couple of cart dim sum places in Richmond that I came across (no guarantees on quality or proximity for OP though): Continental Seafood in the shopping plaza on Cambie at #5 Rd. "Welcomes non-Asians. The cart servers will always approach you even if your table is already full of dishes. Be there early on weekends-lineups."

            South Ocean "good and cheap" #105-4751 Garden City Road

            Continental Seafood Restaurant
            11700 Cambie Rd, Richmond, BC V6X1L5, CA

            1. re: grayelf

              I guess I should have clarified that none of my recs are cart service places.

              1. re: grayelf

                Not to nitpick, but from Westin Bayshore, it's a shorter walk to Burrard (Expo Line) Station at the corner of Burrard and Dunsmuir/Melville.

                But the walk to Waterfront Station is more ......... scenic :-)

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  Thanks LR -- I was trying to figure out which was closer and I guessed wrong. No points for my geography :-).

      2. Hi everyone and thanks for all the recommendations. We ended up going to Kirin and it was awesome. Was moderately confident ordering off the menu. Great food. Thanks again!