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Jun 16, 2010 09:47 AM

Dinner and Dancing for Over 40S !!!

Gone are the days of Studio 54 - BUT - surely there must be somewhere in Manhattan for a group of us over 40 year old sophisticated ladies who would enjoy a great meal followed by some serious strutting of our slightly out of shape stuff ! Any ideas of nightclub with restaurant and dance floor that isnt full of drop dead gorgeous 20 somethings ?!

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  1. We go to S.O.B. (Sounds of Brazil) downtown on Varick St. Decent So American food, great drinks, live salsa music and a nicely charged atmosphere. The crowd is late 20-60's. You'll feel comfy. We've been there a few times and always had a blast.

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      2nding S.O.Bs. When I've been there, the crowd has been extremely diverse, festive and unpretentious. People are wearing everything from cocktail dresses to jeans, and I've had a great time there.

    2. hey lilmil, im looking for the same thing , did you find anything good?? I will have my two best girlfriends for a week and i really dont know where to take them... If i find something i will let you know heheheh. Thanks