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Jun 16, 2010 09:21 AM

Jamaica Where to eat in Mo-Bay and Ochie

We are looking for authentic smaller Mom and Pop places and a very nice place in Mo-Bay and one in Ochie Help please!!! In MoBay want breakfast lunch and the special dinner spot and any great shops that are authentic and don't thief you? Thanks Mon.... ALSO NO MSG in any of the food because they tend to use it quite it a bit. Highly allergic....

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  1. In Ochie...find Scotchies and Miss T's. Both well worth repeat visits for local "ma/pop" food.

    For a nicer dinner, try Passage to India...some of the best

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      2nd Scothies, a must on any visit to Ochi!

    2. In Mo Bay

      Scotchies(this is the original location) lobster trap (by the sea about 15mins out of mo-bay going towards negril), Robbie Joseph seahorse grill (tell him Gari ferguson sent you) The house boat (upscale dining)

      In Ochie

      Scotchies again (we love it ) Lyming in walkerswood (about 15 mins out of ochie) for good local food i would ask the guys in the kitchen at the hotel.