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Jun 16, 2010 08:15 AM

Anyone Been To Willy D's in South Mpls?

I just read the City Pages review on Willy D's. I'm going to stop by this weekend but wanted to see if anyone on here has tried it out. It's located at 38th & Chicago in south Minneapolis.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Since it is the same chef and same owner (less one of the original pair), you might as well use this thread as reference:

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        Oh my, the expectations were high, yet...OK, first of all, don't trust what's said on the menu. The only fried chicken dinners are 3 pieces, and it was supposed to come with mashed potatoes and veg. Nope. You have a choice of 2 sides instead, which is better for me. I ordered 2-3 piece meals, with 2 sides of mac and cheese, a side of greens ,and one of rice and beans.

        There were only two orders ahead of me, and I waited for almost 50 minutes. The chicken was under-seasoned, the wings were over cooked and I felt the legs weren't cooked enough.

        The mac was pretty good, the greens pretty good (good flavor, not too salty), and the beans were well seasoned but still a bit crunchy, The meals also came with corn bread that was pretty damn good.

        For $8 a meal can't complain, but I'd rather spend $12 and have really great soul food.

        1. re: SmartCookie

          thanks for checking it out...the reality is the CP review didn't get very excited about much on this place's menu except the fried chicken.......and I've gotten mediocre vibes from the place since it opened. Very smiley friendly people but not feeling like they are more than average cooks.

      2. My buddy and I finally went the other weekend. I knew we were set up for failure when my buddy wanted to be there when Willy D's opened at 11am. We got there about 11:15 and it wasn't open. As we stood around deciding what to do, one of the folks (maybe Willy) said that they'd be opening in 30-45 minutes. We walked across the street to some street festival and got a chicken leg from their grill. About 30 minutes later people were walking into Willy D's so we went inside. They said it would still be a while before they got the kitchen equipment up and running. They let us sit down though and brought out water. We waited another 30 minutes before they guy (Willy?) said that he just had one more thing to take care of and then he'd get things going in another 20 minutes. Finally he came and took our order. We both ordered the chicken and fish meal that comes with two sides.

        After another 20-25 minutes our food came out. We were both pretty hungry and this point and disappointed in the length of time it had taken. We were rewarded by some pretty good food. Overall it wasn't excellent but the fried catfish was hands-down the best that I've ever had. The chicken wings were fried to perfection and tasted good. I put some hot sauce on some bites just for extra kick, but both the chicken and fish stood on their own. The mac n cheese was good and you could tell it was home made, but it still tasted like the Kraft/boxed type. I had the fried corn and was not disappointed. It was half of a corn on the cob, rolled in batter, and deep fried. Reeeallly good, the right amount of grease, and the corn was well cooked.

        We didn't get out of there until almost 1:30pm but the food was rewarding. I'll definitely go back, especially for the friday night fish fry but I will certainly leave all of my time expectations at the door.

        Unfortunately, these are the kinds of management problems that plague good restaurants: good food and ideas but poorly executed in terms of attentiveness, timeliness, etc. Hopefully Willy D can make a go of it.

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        1. re: GutGrease

          I didn't like that battered fried corn thing. I never had it before. So, I peeled the batter off. The poor guy is trying his best to get that thing off the ground. When I went there a month ago, he couldn't get his credit card machine to work. Luckily I had cash. I hope he makes it.