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Jun 16, 2010 07:59 AM

Dine (Saratoga Springs) - New Chef, New Menu

A friend went to Dine last night and said new chef, new menu. Reported it's delicious.

I can't wait to go . . .

More on Dine:

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  1. Their website is from 12 years ago, in that it still includes Steve Schupf, the original owner, who died many years ago.

    1. Went to Dine. New menu. Wine list seemed a bit sparse (maybe why Fitz is no longer at Dine?). Same excellent service. We had:


      Lobster sandwiches with goat cheese on grilled bread - delicious, I could have had a dinner of several appetizers (The Dine salad being one of my favorites).

      Scungilli (conch) - cooked perfectly, in a red sauce with grilled bread. I think this is the first time I had conch and it was very good.


      Duck - I preferred the duck breast that used to be on their menu. That said, the duck was cooked medium which is very challenging to do when it's on the bone. Vegetables were so fresh and mashed sweet potatoes were very good.

      Lamb rack - SO had the lamb and it looked delicious

      We had espresso and ? dessert.

      Dine is one of my favorite S. Springs restaurants. Pretty soon it will be track season and I'll have to wait until early September to eat there again . . .

          1. re: gerchak

            I agree with the wine mark up and service.

            Why make Dine the scapegoat for overpriced S. Springs restaurants?

            8 Tables and Saratoga National have similar prices. . .

        1. You might want to read today's review in the local paper about Dine