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Jun 16, 2010 07:44 AM

tamarind chili mexican candies?

Does anyone have a recipe for mexican tamarind / chili powder dusted sweets? What is the best kind of chili powder to use (achiote? pasilla?), and do you use tamarind powder or paste? have been craving this flavor since returning from a first communion in san luis potosi... thanks!

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  1. If the chile powder is bright red, it is most likely guajillo. That is commonly used in Mexico when making hot sour chile powders.

    I don't know about the tamarind. It's enough to buy blocks of tamarind paste, which you soak in water to release the pulp from the seeds. But I don't see how it would used to dust sweets. Most likely there is a commercial source of tamarind powder.

    Have you browsed a Mexican grocery (maybe online)? I have used chile/salt/lime powders, but haven't looked for tamarind ones.

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      thanks paulj, i've seen some tamarind powders in asian markets but they are typically tamarind blended with a lot of other spices. after a quick online search for it, it seems easier to simply order the candies online!