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Jun 16, 2010 06:45 AM

I-95 One Night Stop - Jacksonville to Charleston

My wife and I are driving from Miami to a wedding in Sunset Beach, NC. I wanted to stop somewhere for a great dinner for my Wife's b-day on the way up. What is the best place to stop in that strech that would include a nice hotel or resort? I know it is a big area, but I'm thinking of Amelia Island, Sea Island, Savannah or Charleston? Please suggest some stops for a great meal and a good night's rest.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It's about 14 hours to Sunset from Miami. I would drive to Charleston and have dinner at Charleston Grill or Peninsula Grill. They are both located in hotels across the street from each other. If you leave at 6 AM you will arrive Charleston in time for a massage for your wife at Charleston Place Hotel and then dinner at Charleston Grill. I like CG but you may like Peninsula. Check in your hotel and walk through both restaurants to make sure you picked the right one. I assure you CG is outstanding. If you wanted to stop in Summerville right before you get to Charleston you could spend the night at The Woodlands and have dinner in their very fine restaurant in the small town there.

      Cypress, FIG and McCrady's are other fine choices. On your way back you could drive to Sea Island and have dinner at The Cloister and spend the night there. Have lunch on the water in Beaufort then drive on down to Sea Island. Good luck.

      1. Savannah is a lot closer to 95 than Charleston is, so I'd go there. I'm no Savannah expert so I can't recommend anything in particular, but there are plenty of threads on Savannah restaurants.