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Jun 16, 2010 02:32 AM

Day Trip to Yarra Valey, VIC

Hi All,

Planning to go to Melb end-of the month to early July 2010, and planning to have a day trip to Yarra Valley (driving). Anyone can give me some suggestion where to visit or worth to visit (e.g. winery, etc.)? I am planning to have some wine testing, and with a place to have lunch.
Any other activities or places that I can visit during that time also welcome..

Thank you so much :)

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  1. There are lots of good wineries in the Yarra Valley. Rochford, Yering Station, Innocent Bystander.. I've never been to any of them but from friends I understand that Innocent Bystander and Yering Station are good for a casual bite to eat.

    Sorry, I can't help more than that!

    1. Are you going through the week or on a weekend?

      1. If you like a bubbly. and don't we all, then Domain Chandon is a must, great views, nice wines, Yering is good too. Also the Healsville Pub has a very good foodie rep although I've not eaten there myself. There's also plenty of little cafes and delis in Healsville itself and of course while you're there you can always call in to the Sanctuary which is way cool. Rug up though, this time of year it'll be bloody freezing.

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          I like Healesville Hotel, but find their food more of a cold evening in front of the fire, waddle to bed kind of style.

          Where else to recommend depends what day the OP is travelling, as many places only do food at the weekends or friday/sat/sun