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Jun 15, 2010 09:43 PM

3 Days and Nights in Montreal

Hello All. Coming from nyc for 1st wedding anniversary. Very excited about trip and hoping for some good advice on restaurants, markets, bars etc.. Will be in Montreal September 3rd through 6th. PDC is a given. Toque!? Garde Manger? Any and all recs. appreciated. Interested in fine dining to street food. Poutine, smoked meat, bagel..... Also, any drinks that are a must? Micro brews? Cider? Wine? Thank you all so much.

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  1. I think you should start with a simple search then ask for advice...there are many similar questions posted ...everything you ask is answered in the past page or so
    I do suggest DNA beyond your references though

    1. I'd say keep your poutine experience to AFTER a night of drinking. It's our drunk food. Having it sober in the middle of the day on a patio seems weird. :) hehehe

      PDC is great, Garde Manger is also a fantastic place for the food & atmosphere.

      For bars, La Distillerie is cool, except they adhere to a VERY STRICT limit of people inside, so it can get hard to get in sometimes. But the drinks are excellent. 2 mason jar drinks and you're giddy, ready for poutine. :)

      For micro brews, there are a few good places. Saint-Bock on st-denis has excellent beers, local and private imports. Food is excellent actually.

      If it's nice outside, seek out St-Elizabeth's pub and sit on their back patio. small place, but beautiful.

      Other things to do, I'm not sure of the schedule but you can look into the montreal symphony orchestra. It's partly subsidized by the government so tickets are cheap for an orchestra of that caliber.

      If you're there on a sunday, ask around about the Tam Tams at Mont-Royal. It's a great way to spend a sunday afternoon chilling (it's what we do best!)

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