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Jun 15, 2010 07:16 PM

Good berry-picking at Tabora. Where else?

Beautiful day today, so we went after work. Was gonna pick raspberries, but saw they had more blueberries, gooseberries (!), and black currants (!), so picked those. Who else in Bucks area has good picking, and what do they have? I really love berries, and now's the time! Thanks.

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  1. Guess I'm the only berry picker here. Found some good wild black raspberries today, and picked those. Free berries!

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    1. re: rutabaga

      I've heard really good things about Tabora, and they are really close. Our friends use them for all of their Christmas baking. I really should go soon

      1. re: sommrluv

        Tabora's berries are looking good, especially gooseberries & currants. I got a quart of each in less than an hour, and left plenty on the plants. Solebury orchards has lots of sour cherries, but the rain over the weekend wreaked havoc on the rainier cherries. I got a short quart, but had to look hard. Solebury also has blueberries & red raspberries that are hitting their stride.
        Speaking of cherries, Meyer's orchard up in Quakertown/Milford has sweet & sour cherries ($2.25 & $2/lb, respectively). I think they're open 8-6 tomorrow & sunday, but give 'em a call. They're listed in the Extension "From The Farm" booklet. (so I don't have to look up the number)
        If you can find them, these booklets are very handy. They're available online (pdf's) or usually in libraries. I have Bucks & Lehigh Valley ones, and still looking for the MontCo one.

        1. re: JohnnyKBar

          I have that book. I use it all the time! LOL. (bucks/lehigh)

          But wait wait wait...I can get rainier cherries locally? Seriously? OMG!

          I'm actually allergic to them, but I just take two benadryll and dive on in. The hives are worth it.

          1. re: sommrluv

            I missed the MontCo book last year and haven't found it yet this year, but I'll keep trying.

            Solebury orchard had white cherries. They looked just like raineir, so I'm guessing they are, but a late rain really did a number on them. See if any of the PYO cherry places have rainiers... and stock up on the benadryl. It's so worth it.

    2. Just went to Tabora for some berry picking. Will say that I thought there was going to be more bushes to pick from, but there are basically only one row of blueberry bushes, half a row of gooseberries, half a row of black currants, one row of golden raspberries, and two short rows of red raspberries. My wife was able to scrounge up 1/2 pint of raspberries after some hard work. There are plenty of blueberries, I was able to pick about a quart in no time at all. Plenty of black currants to be had, I would say the gooseberries and raspberries need another week or so for the fruit to ripen.

      The country store is chock full of tasty delectables. A HUGE variety of baked breads, cookies, and other pastries, homemade ice cream, fresh produce, prepared meals (fried chicken, rotisserie chicken), and other freshly made foods. Made the somewhat disappointing berry adventure worth it! We'll definitely be back, and hopefully when there is more ripe fruit on the vines!