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Jun 15, 2010 06:33 PM

Good breakfast, coffee spots, wine bars near St. Dominique in the 7th

We've rented an apartment in the 7th off of St.Dominque, not far from Rue Cler. Any recommendations you might have on good spots for a morning croissant and coffee, or the last glass of wine before a stumble home, would be greatly appreciated. I'd be grateful for nearby bakery recommendations too.
We both speak French, and are looking for places that local businesspeople and residents would frequent.

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  1. For breakfast pastries and coffee/hot chocolate we like Jean Millet on St. Dominique near the junction of Rue Malar; small but very good pastries. For a late drink, the Café Constant on St. Dominique at Rue Augereau is hard to beat. The 2 bakeries we prefer are Pain d'Epis on Ave Bosquet at rue Champ de Mars and Secco on Rue Jean Nicot.

    1. I stay on Rue Amelie and enjoy the almond croissants from the purple patisserie on Rue Grenelle, just around the corner from Rue Cler. Really quite good, as are the baguettes from the aforementioned Stephane Secco. Coffee is a little more difficult as I think the only place worth visiting is Solunas Cafe in le Marais, but the locally owned chain Columbus Cafe has a location on Rue St. Dominique in the neighborhood.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions Laidback & onocoffee