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Jun 15, 2010 05:57 PM

Brooklyn Shave Ice?

This week's nytimes brought up one of my most favourite treats: Shave Ice. Heading into Manhattan and Brooklyn on saturday and i'm hoping to overindulge to my heart's content. Any good spots you'd recommend?

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  1. I'd be surprised if any of those spots listed in that article can match what is offered at Koryodang which, in my opinion, is the current king of all shave ice in nyc. hey I spent xmas in honolulu so I was in shave ice heaven; back in NYC we are pretty much screwed. just stick with koryodang's patbingsu, you will be satisfied. I've only had it in their ktown location; have yet to try it in flushing. in fact . . . shouldn't there be a secret patbingsu parlor in Flushing somewhere on Northern Blvd or something?

    1. A woman was offering chidas, Mexican shaved ices, at the flea on Lafayette last summer. Dunno if she'll be back this summer or not.

      1. I really like Eton's in Carroll Gardens! His store is on Sackett and Smith, though I think he is now at the Flea too. Its the only shave ice I know of in brownstone brooklyn.