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Jun 15, 2010 05:26 PM

Mexican Coca Cola

Does anyone know of any stores in the Manchester, Concord, Laciona Area (etc) that carry Mexican coca cola (made with sugar in glass bottles)? I really want to get my hands on some but haven't seen it in any stores and wonder if there might be a specialty shop that someone knows of.

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    1. It's not a store near you, or maybe it is (right on your computer) but you can buy it here:

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      1. re: Caroline1

        If only I lived in LA. $35 isn't too bad for a 24 pack... but $60 for shipping... don't think a soda is worth it...

        1. re: satchboogie

          I do confess I didn't check their shipping fees. That's a whole lot more than the USPS "If It Fits It Ships" rate!

      2. There is a Mexican bakery in Nashua that has's downtown next to Fortin Gage. They don't sell it in bulk though, but maybe they could order it in bulk for you?

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        1. re: rizzo0904

          Oooh thanks for that. I'm by there all the time but never thought to look there.

        2. I know this thread is kind of old, but I just found some today at Costco in Nashua! I thought I'd go to the soda section for the heck of it and I'm glad I did. Case of 24 for $18 and change...seems like a good deal! Who knows how long it will last there though, might just be a temp. item.