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Jun 15, 2010 03:44 PM

Hiyashi Chuka

I was walking by the U district Samurai Noodle early this morning when I noticed they had added Hiyashi Chuka to the menu - I went back for lunch! Their version was pretty decent, though it lacked corn kernels which I'm used to, and also mustard to add in.

I now know of 3 places that serve this delightful summer ramen; the other two are Fulin in Chinatown, and Kiku sushi next to the Bellevue Uwajimaya. Of the 3 Kiku definitely makes the best IMO. Yet another reason I love the advent of summer!

600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

Samurai Noodle
606 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

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  1. I think Ta Ke Sushi in Bothell serves Hiyashi Chuka soba, but only in the summer. I'm pretty sure it's Ta Ke Sushi. I stopped by there last spring, and the chef told me about the special summer Hiyashi soba. I meant to return, but I never had a chance. Has anyone else had to chance to try it? The owners are Japanese and the Mrs. who is in the kitchen is from Kyoto.

    1. While I'm not a huge fan of hiyashi chuka, I know that new place in Factoria, Dozo Cafe has it.

      Dozo Cafe generally is pretty interesting. Just tried it out for the first time a couple of days ago. Seems like a nice little hole-in-the-wall kind of spot. They do the requisite sushi and donburi, but they also do some nice youshoku-style dishes like om-rice, and japanese style hamburgers and spaghetti, although these are apparently only available during dinner.

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      1. re: GreenYoshi

        This is the first I've heard of this new restaurant Dozo Cafe. Searched Chowhound, and found nothing except for the post by GreenYoshi, above.
        Searched Yelp, and 11 reviews, and the photos looked fabulous. I will be heading to Dozo Cafe first chance I have, maybe in a week or two. It always suprises me at how Yelp I can find a restaurant on Yelp before I do on Chowhound. Am I missing something? Am I looking in the wrong place?

        1. re: ritabwh

          Yelp's a much bigger community. There are alot more of "Yelpers" out there finding and eating stuff. But most of what they say is just pointless rabble from idiots.

          I come here for legitimate thoughts and opinions, Yelp for more obscure stuff recognizing that most comments are useless.

          Also, I'm pretty sure Dozo is only a few months (weeks?) old. I remember some different Asian place (which didn't look that good) there a while back, so it's not surprising there's not much there. I only noticed it last week.

          1. re: ritabwh

            I concur wholeheartedly with you about the inane drivel that most Yelpers post. Not only are most of them borderline illiterates, they also have such an over-inflated opinion of themselves and their ability to discern great food from mediocre, I can't take a post that is rife with misspellings as a serious critique of any establishment. I go to the site now and then for a good laugh but usually leave shaking my head in dismay at how poorly written most posts are.

            1. re: ddttbm

              I don't think it's neccessary to call Yelpers names to feel superior?
              I post on Chowhound and not Yelp.
              But I still stand by what I posted: oftentimes Yelp scoops Chowhound on new establishments.

              1. re: ritabwh

                Point tooken. Yelpers almost always scoop Chowhound, at least in the SEA area. Chowhounders, it must be said, seem to have a greater tendency to recommend the tried and true favorites instead of venturing out and trying new places (or at least not writing about it if they do).

            2. re: ritabwh

              Stoped by Dozo Cafe for the first time, last Friday for a quickie lunch.
              My shoyu ramen was pretty good. So simple in the serving that I missed my nori garnish. The ikura was so-so. Omurice and other yoshoku were avaialbel only for dinner, so that was no fun at all.
              The noodle menu was literally overwhelming for me. It is going to take several trips for me to try out everything. I am looking forward to it.

          2. One hot summer day a year or two ago, I decided to order the hiyashi chuka from Samarai. A few bites in, something tasted off, and I realized that the ham was spoiled. I brought this to the attention of the kitchen staff, who took one sniff of their ham stash and instantly threw the rest out and offered to replace my order with something else. The meat must have been spoiled for some time before I brought it to their attention, and who knows how many people ate it without knowing that hiyashi chuka is not supposed to taste like that. Anyway, it may have been an isolated incendent (and I've never had a problem with their tonkatsu ramen), but is one of the grossest restaurant experiences I've ever had, so caveat emptor...