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Jun 15, 2010 02:22 PM

Candy & Dessert Ideas


I'm working on a candy, bake goods, and dessert travel show that features very unique and wacky goodies and also large, over the top, sweet locations around the US.
- Does anyone have any ideas on a large fun location that makes sweets? Maybe in an amusement park that's not Hersey.
- Also a local shop making creative non-traditional treats. If by chance they mail order that would be the perfect place!
Thanks for your help chowhound community!


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  1. San Luis Obispo has a fair trade chocolatier working a small shop. Very good down home chocolates. I'd NOT class it wacky, over the top, or large though.

    Pismo Beach has a maker of lollipops with agave worms, but that's been on every tv food show already. Hot Lix.