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Jun 15, 2010 02:21 PM

Dessert & Candy ideas around the US


I'm working on a candy, bake goods, and dessert travel show that features very unique and wacky goodies and also large, over the top, sweet locations around the US.
- Does anyone have any ideas on a large fun location that makes sweets? Maybe in an amusement park that's not Hersey.
- Also a local shop making creative non-traditional treats. If by chance they mail order that would be the perfect place!
Thanks for your help chowhound community!


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  1. Dollywood has some pretty ridiculous baked goods...massive slices of skillet apple pie...cinnamon sugar loaves of bread...I had a pretty delicious time at that park.

    The new Harry Potter park looks like it's going to have some pretty interesting sweets (inspired by the books of course).

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      yes the harry potter portion of universal studios Orlando, is having its grand opening this week, today I think. and you can buy some interesting candies and things in their store.

    2. Down here in Florida Key lime pie candies and deserts are popular check out the Blond Giraffe Key lime pie factory in Key West here . Also a few other places in florida to mention

      Fortuna Bakery off of John Young in Orlando specializes in spanish/ columbian deserts that are sooo delicious.

      Also in the vi-mi (asian, vietnamese section crossing VIgrina and MIlls) district of Orlando there is an asian market Dong a Market. It has All different kinds of food products from fresh fruit and fish, to asian candies. Very interesting.

      theme parks - Epcot - has two great locations in the World Show Case
      Mitsukoshi Department Store in Japan - there is a candy, food type section from as mild as pocky to as wild as seeweed fish candies etc.

      and Boulangerie P√Ętisserie located in France in the World Show Case - delicious eclairs, napoleons, creme brulee and beyond.

      Also not a desert but worth a mention at Epcot is Club cool, A place to sample sodas from around the world, for free! Try the Beverly!

      Seattle - Theo Chocolate Factory - they have chocolate kits to pair wine and chocolate or beer and chocolate. and they have a tour of their facility.

      Also Pike Place market in Seattle - has a pasta stand that sells dry chocolate noodles,

      Hope this helps

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        Beverly is the WORST! I still have flashbacks to when I tried it at the World of Coke...gag!

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          hehehe that's the joke, you tell your friends how great the beverly is and then they try it, get your camera ready! :)

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            Apparently it glows under a black light...

      2. California: Solvang for the fudge. Santa Cruz for the salt-water taffy, on the boardwalk.

        That is all I can think of.

        1. Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR. They have some really "out there" items on their menu.

          Pix Patisserie also in Portland. They have great Macarons as well as other very tasty treats.

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            I love Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, I think it's recieved a lot of press recently but totally worth a mention.

          2. In Kentucky we have modjeskas--homemade marshmallow enrobed in homemade caramel. I recently tasted my first chocolate modjeska.

            Bourbon balls. Woodford Reserve's deserve a new name.