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Jun 15, 2010 02:16 PM

Toronto :any good Hungarian / Viennese bakeries / pastry remaining?

I am told there used to be many. Now? Any great Dobos Torts ? Palacsinta?

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  1. You can get both Dobos Torta and palacsinta out at Blue Danube in Etobicoke..Lots of other Hungarian goodie's including smoked meats made in house.

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      Thank you--very responsive suggestion.

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        ++Blue Danube...

        Does Honey Bear on Willowdale Ave. still do pastries? From their site below it would seem so. Of a time they had different excellent pastry offerings daily - very good stuff. Similar shop to Blue Danube.

        1. re: DockPotato

          Honey Bear does have pastries and palascinta.

      2. The Prague on Queen west makes an awesome Palacinky (Czech equivalent) and as well there is a place on Augusta in Kensington called "Krepesz" that specializes in Huungarian Palacsinta, but I haven't personally tried them as yet.

        Interested to find out where you can find a good Sachertorte, now that Konditor has long closed at Queen and Woodbine.

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          You can find a good Sachertorte at Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry

        2. In the east end (Pharmacy & Sheppard), try ABC Euro Delicatessen. A good mix of Hungarian and Romanian products, deli and desserts.