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Jun 15, 2010 02:12 PM

Vegetarian and vegan friendly for a special dinner - between Monroe and Charlotte

We would like to get a gift certificate to family members who have just turned vegan and vegetarian (one of each). Any suggestions for someplace to go for a special dinner that fits the bill somewhere between Monroe and Charlotte? This does not have to be a vegetarian restaurant, just a place that will meet their needs. I was thinking possibly Indian or Italian but am completely open to suggestions. I live in NYC and had no ideas of my so thought it best to turn to the experts here!

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  1. For a special, somewhat upscale vegetarian dinner, send them into Charlotte, to Carpe Diem.

    For lower key, ethnic fare, Fu Lin on Independence is solid and super veg-friendly, Woodlands on Albemarle is very good Indian, and Cuisine Malaya, which is close to Carpe, is solid pan-Asian. Or, treat them to ethiopian at Meskerem.