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Jun 15, 2010 02:05 PM

Pulled Pork Sandwich at le Pick UP

I had lunch there for the first time and it's a good thing we didn't show up at noon according to the staff.

Had the pulled pork sandwich and split a clun sandwich called club chipotle (spicy mayo)
Cheap eat with a taste not like any major fast food palce.
It was a pleasant surprise especially with the spicy touch of their sandwiches.
Hope they last for a while a sure stop when in the area.

7032 Waverly, Mtl, Q

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  1. Love it. Le Pick up (especially that sandwich) is a total gem. I get one whenever I get the chance.

    1. When I walked by Le Pick Up, I was instantly charmed. I mean, they really did get the ambiance right 100% - no doubts there. Plus they have zines!

      Unfortunately, it's all downhill from there.

      If it's one thing I can't stand it's establishments that coast entirely on the strength of hype but offer no substance. The service is completely disorganized and slow and there is zero-percent professionalism.

      Unfortunately, the crowd of hipster regulars are a little too quick to excuse this fact and give this dep cum resto far more credit than it deserves. As a place to chill and sip on juice, Le Pick Up gets the job done, but for one second can all the sycophant sceneters put their hip points aside and just call it for what it is - an awesome concept executed by a bunch of jokers.

      Sorry, as harsh as this review happens to be, I am tired of establishments thinking they deserve status without working for it.

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        I live close to Dep Le Pick Up and have been there a myriad of times, and service issues are something I've never had, and I'm far from a hipster let alone a hipster apologist.

        About the food, apart from the aforementioned pulled pork and chicken club sandwiches, their halloumi sandwich is amazingly delicious too and their breakfast specials never fail to please. Their iced tea is great too, when they have it.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Went to Le Pick Up for the first time today . Great pulled pork sandwich, great neighbourhood. We decided to have lunch there because Jean Talon market is always a disappointment for prepared food.
          We also split the haloum sandwich. Great decision. Both sandwiches great but totally different. Total contrast on the taste buds.
          Casual environment was nice too.
          Then went and bought great produce from JTM!

          1. I lived right around the corner from this place for 4 years (and used to go to the previous dep, AKA the `Shitty Dep` before it was turned into Le Pick Up) and I have to say I cannot fault their food, like, at all. I have rarely had anything that wasn`t cheap and very good. Not sure if the inhouse baker is still there but other than sandwiches they KICK ASS at baked goods. Best cupcakes in Montreal (and I say this with much research behind me, believe me).

            That said, it IS definitely hipster central and I always felt awkward in that crowd.