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Jun 15, 2010 01:53 PM

Help finalizing itinerary in Rome

Hi. I am traveling to Rome with my husband and two boys (7 and 10) in a few weeks.
We'll be there for 3 days before traveling to Venice for a Med cruise.

We're staying at the Albergo Cesari, on Via Di Pietra, near the Pantheon.

After spending a lot of time reading this board, here is our food itinerary so far:

Saturday morning arrive.
Saturday activity: hopefully sleep and walk around hotel vicinity
Saturday lunch: Armando Al Pantheon (reservation pending)
Saturday evening: walking tour of city highlights - ends near Trastavere
Saturday dinner: Ivo or Marmi in Trastavere

Sunday activity: Tour of Coloseum and Palatine Hill
Sunday lunch: ?
Sunday afternoon activity: leaving this one open. Maybe Villa Borghese if we're up for it.
Sunday dinner: Taverna Dei Fiori Imperali (we have our reservations already)

Monday: Tour of Vatican and St. Peters Basilica
Monday lunch: leaving this one up to our guide
Monday dinner: Somewhere low key in the Piazza Navona area - maybe Da Buffetto or Pizzeria Montecarlo (do I need a reservation for either?)

And of course lots of Gelato (will make sure to try Gioletti and San Crispino)

Does anyone have a recommendation for Sunday lunch near the Coloseum?
Any other recommendations?


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  1. Unless your children are the sort who like any kind of food as long as it's pizza, I would not dedicate two out of three evenings to it. Go somewhere else on Monday evening. I live near the Colosseum and have never gone out to Sunday lunch in the neighborhood because there is no place suitable open on a Sunday (I would dearly love to know of any discoveries). La Taverna dei Quaranta is my fallback when I need a trattoria that seems to be always open, but it's certainly not a gastronomic destination. Leave the Colosseum area and go to the Ghetto, the Largo Argentina area, or the Pantheon area (or anywhere else). Monti would also be a convenient area. Trattoria Monti (really Esquilino neighborhood, not Monti) is open for Sunday lunch (reserve yesterday), maybe 15 min walk from the Colosseum, or a bit less.

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      Maureen - thanks for the advice. Armando Al Pantheon said that they were closed all day Saturday (I thought they were open for lunch), so I am going to make a reservation for Monday dinner there.

      I love the idea of going to the Jewish Ghetto for lunch on Sunday. Do you have any recommendations on where to go that might be open on Sunday? The one name I'm familiar with there is Giggetto (hope I didn't mangle the spelling), but it seems to get very mixed reviews on this board.

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        The spelling is correct. It gets mixed reviews everywhere. My husband won't go there. I will go if necessary. The best is Piperno, which recently got a negative review on this board, but it's quite good in a classic bourgeois mold. You want the fritti. It's open Sunday at lunch. Only Giggetto is open Sunday evening. Al Pompiere may be too, but you don't want to go there.