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Palm Restaurant Cookware

I am sure many of you have these the Palm kitchen goods (from towels to pepper mills) at Home Goods. I don't see them anywhere else, yet they are abundant in Home Goods. It got me thinking. Does Home Goods has exclusive on these? More importantly, have anyone tried the Palm cookware (saucepan to stock pot)? Like it? Hate it? Looking to hear from you.

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  1. We don't have Home Goods stores here in northern Colorado, but I've seen all of the Palm Restaurant stuff (salt crystals to pans) at both Marshalls & TJMaxx. After buying my single piece of All-Clad Copper Core & single piece of Calphalon Tri-Ply (both 10" omelette pans), I haven't been notably impressed with any of the Palm cookware.

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      I agree with Eiron.. I see all that Palm Restaurant stuff at TJ's, Homegoods and Marshall's but I've never bought any of it. Doesn't do a thing for me.

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        Hi Eiron and Flourgirl. Thanks for informing me that Palm cookware are offered in Marshalls and TJ Maxx. That answers the question if they are exclusive. The cookware don't look exceptionally great nor bad, but looks can be deceiving.

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          Home Goods is a Marshall's store, and the same company owns both TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I've only ever seen the palm cookware there, and that makes me doubt the quality.

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              Janniecooks and flourgirl,

              Good points about the fact that these three stores are own by the same parent company, TJX Companies. I suppose, in this sense, the Palm cookware are indeed offered by one company. Thanks.

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                And also available in Canada in HomeSense and Winners, the Canadian arms of the same chain.

                My supposition is...

                Impact/pressure bonded bases to pans is a mature (though fairly modern) technique that allows the production of a reasonable quality pan at a price point that was not was not previously accessible. Removing the gobbledygook from that sentence we get "they can make OK pans now cheaper".

                The technique does not readily allow them to do the same to the sides. Hence we have a stack of pans flowing in from all manufacturers (Calphalon, Lagostina, KitchenAid etc) with multi-ply bases.

                I suspect that TJ HomeMarsh just order them from China. There are web sites like http://www.globalsources.com that put you in contact with Chinese manufacturers. Decide what you want and buy a few thousand of them.

                You will also see name like MUI France, which has less connection with France then the UK does. http://www.miufrance.com/aboutus.html

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                  Heh heh heh. I didn't know this about MIU France. It is certainly more UK than France.

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                    Agreed, Paulustrious. The Palm stainless-steel cookware looks like it's basically the same stuff as Cuisinart Chef's Classic, Wolfgang Puck cookware, Winware (sold by restaurant-supply houses), some Farberware lines, and countless other brands of reasonably-priced stainless steel cookware with encapsulated aluminum bases, manufactured in the Far East. Perhaps some perform slightly better than others, but I suspect that the major differences are purely cosmetic.

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                    Glad I didn't see your post or I would have passed on some fine cookware. Our KitchenAid stainless, a consumer choice best buy, was getting a little beat and with a new kitchen we decided to look for some new cookware.

                    We visited a recently opened Homegoods that had a large selection of cookware including Calphalon, Cuisinart, Rachel Ray and others. We saw the Palm items and were impressed with the visuals. There were no sets available, but many large pieces that would not be available in a set. We actuall found 3 large pieces that would not ordinarily be found in a st and a 10" sauce pan. The larger pieces would probably list for nearly the price of a set and we wre lucky to find them on the "clearance rack".

                    The first couple of uses proved them to be at least the equal of our KitchenAid in cooking and were much easier to clean. Maybe it was because they were still new and polished. So far we are happy and looking forward to replacing the remainder of our KitchenAid pots and pans.

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                  Interesting reviews! I bought a "Palm Restaurant" 7 " saucepan w/glass lid/copper base and just love it, or should I say my chef husband loves it!

                3. I recently purchased the non-stick wok. Loved the size and it feels very heavy. First use, Pad Thai, worked out beautifully. Second use, fried rice, there are lots of scratches in the bottom of the non-stick finish. I used a bamboo paddle on both occasions. No longer having the original packaging, I was searching for return options when I found this post. Buyer beware.

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                    See the P.R release below. The Palm Cookware line is a proprietary brand of TJ maxx Corp.


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                      thats what you get for buying non stick, lol.
                      i have a hand hammered wok that is great. sounds classy, does it not? actually, it was the cheapest one offered on ebay, but turned out to be the best wok i have ever owned. check it out.

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                        Hi, I noticed you have the same problem as I , I too purchased the work,,,and the second time I used it the finish chipped off the inside of the bottom of the pan and was in our food, and we ATE IT! (not knowing). Tried to return it, but no receipt, or tags...so I am wondering did you have any luck on finding how to get your money back? Thanks!

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                          No. Because I didn't have the original packaging, or, oddly for me, the receipt, and the store was out of woks, they had no way of looking up the proper code in order to give me store credit or a refund. They were kind enough to throw the pan away for me. : )

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                          I too just recently purchased The Palms small wok. After 2 uses and with some oil in the pan some onions that I was sautéing left some dark scorch marks on the bottom despite the fact that the onions did NOT burn. I went back to return it (sadly without the original receipt or packaging) and not only was I denied but the manager said that if I went on line to contact the company I would make out better because I would get a higher refund than what they would have given me. I told her that I wasn't looking to get more than what was rightfully mine and that I would be perfectly ok with a store credit since I was going to purchase another more expensive one the very same Homegoods and still. I was denied.

                        3. I just purchased the Palm Dutch Oven. We cooked Boeuf Bourguignon for dinner and it was marvelous. The beef was evenly cooked and cleaning up afterwards was a breeze! So far I would highly recommend the cookware. :)

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                            Can you inform us about the Dutch Oven material? Is it stainless steel or bare cast iron, or enameled cast iron? Please keep us update on your experience. Thanks.

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                              Hi there, was just wondering if you have been using your dutch oven a lot since you posted this, i just got it yesterday, do you need to season it even though its enameled? has the food been sticking at all? do you use it in the oven as well? any cracks? please share your experience

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                                You do not need to season enameled cast iron and cleaning the enamel is a breeze. I bought the oval (probably 2 quart capacity) and I love it. My first dish was a lamb tagine which came out great.

                                I compared the Palm oven to Le Creuset at Home Goods. The same sized Le Creuset ovens were over twice the price and had a label indicating they were seconds, meaning they were defective and couldn't be sold as perfect products.

                                I've cooked with Le Creuset and it's fantastic stuff - but I love my Palm even more (I'm going back for a round 4 quart oven).

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                                  " I love my Palm even more "

                                  You love it MORE because.... it is a better product or it is cheaper?

                            2. I just bought this lovely one at Homegoods for $60.00.So far so good meat browned pretty good considering i overcrowded pan(in arush). The test will be later on when i saute onions n veggies.Will check back later and let u guys know how it pans out, Lol.

                              1. i just bought a small skillet of that brand. i am happy to say, it is the only stainless steel i have ever cooked on that did not stick! (it is the tri ply, but the cooking surface is stainless steel).
                                i have owned the heavy french copper, so i do know the difference, and this is not that, but for the money, this is good. it did stick, first two times, but then it did not. i think it is coated for shipping? and the coating came off?
                                anyhoo, it is a nice pan and i am glad i got it.
                                there seem to be some folks on here who go by looks and weight alone and have not cooked in this. they really should try it before offering an opinion. in my opinion, lol.

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                                  uh oh. i am going to have to (almost) eat my words. i have been using my little Palm brand skillet for a couple of months now, mostly for eggs, and the thin veneer of copper is almost gone off the outside. so if you want a pretty skillet, this is not the one for you. still is an okay pan, but not what you might want to give for a christmas present.

                                2. They have a nice look, but very poor quality. specially the edges are very sharp every time I clean them I cut myself. , they don't clean well too, stains all over regarless of any washing method,
                                  Cheap price = cheap quality.

                                  1. I was happy with my pan too ...until....it exploded literally(the screw that holds the handle simply blew in the air).i am happy nobody was around.So i don't know how good they are.I was looking to find a website to make a complain but there is none.and if i return it to the store they will not take it because is used and i have no receipt for.

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                                      I looked at several "Palm" items, it is a licensed product available at T.J. Maxx stores only (T.J. Maxx, Homegoods Marshalls, Winners and Homesense in Canada) and all of the items were made in China. Did not buy now I am glad I stay with proven,, tested, brands.

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                                        I had the same problem went to remove the pan to the next burner and it came off. I got to use it maybe 3 times the most. I am in the process of trying to locate the company to complain about but I can't find nothing except the restaurant.
                                        DON'T EVER BUY THIS BRAND.....

                                      2. I've purchased several pieces of Palm cookware and they look beautiful and function great. Super easy clean up too.

                                        1. I bought 2 frying pans in Marshalls. One from "NATURALS "made in Italy, second, bigger one from "The Palms". I started to use smaller fry pans from "Naturals" right away and still use and it is great. But after I use fry pan from "The Palm" just ones to cook omelets it got brown, rusty spots inside and I could not remove them ( I handle this fry pan very gently) and it is NOT NON-STICK fry pan. I wanted to return it, but in Marshalls store I was told that since I kept it for 20 days ( and it does not matter that I use it only one time) and it is damaged they cannot re-sale it and they cannot take it back event if it is defective. ( Yes I use only plastic spatula). I use it few more times after and every time food was sticking to the pan. I will never buy any cookware from "The Palm"

                                          1. I fried 2 eggs over easy in butter in a Palm 7-8" pan. They looked picture perfect. There was no stick whatsoever and fried eggs are a pretty good test. Usually, the yolks break when I flip them over. I rate this fry pan the best I've ever used.

                                            1. It's also sold at Marshall's.

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                                                Jun to repeat what has already been said in years past...TJ Max owns both Marshall and Home Goods. Hence why you see these products at all three stores.

                                              2. love it but cannot find these anymore:(((((
                                                anyone know where i can order the 10" frypan

                                                1. Marshalls and TJ Max have tons of Palm stuff.

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                                                    Yes, you are right.....but only in the past few days...you could hear me scream when we walked up on a huge pile of all kinds of pans dishes EVERYTHING!!!!!!!yay and thanks andy

                                                  2. I bought mine at Marshalls which is the same corp that owns Home Goods. So, not sure where else the cookware might be sold but love all the pots I bought at Marshalls, several of which are The Palm brand.

                                                    1. I have several of the small stock pots and saucepans that I picked up to augment my other set of stainless steel, and I LOVE them!!! They heat evenly, nothing sticks due to the inside bottom of the pans being polished smooth, rather than left with tiny ridges that most stainless steel cookware has which promotes sticking. I love the vented lids, the well attached handles, and how nicely they are weighted and balanced, which makes it easier to use them. Home Goods, Marshall's and TJ Maxx all carry them, since they are all owned by the same corporation.

                                                      1. I recently bought a stock pot by Palm from Home Goods. Bought it two days before Mother's Day. Cooked rice in it and after dinner I go to remove the rice from the pot I noticed discoloration inside the pot. Cheap product. Hate it. I knew I should have went with the Cuisinart pot.

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                                                          simply use a brillo pad and it will come back perfect!!!

                                                        2. I recently bought the Palm medium sized saute pan with white ceramic interior. I like the sturdy weight, and wanted to try ceramic. So far, so good. It also comes with a dark interior. The white is attractive, but it is hard to see how well cooked the whites of eggs are. It cleans easily. I went back to Home Goods to get a couple more sizes, but my local store was out. Good to know that I can also check Marshall's.

                                                          1. I purchased the small saucepan to try them out & love it! Went back to get remaining pieces and haven't seen another pan... They heat up very quickly and are easy to clean. I really like the feel of the handle in my hand as opposed to Calphalon & the others. I'm going to keep looking & hoping that they didn't discontinue them...