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Jun 15, 2010 12:38 PM

York Street Parking??

Have a reservation later this week for my first visit to York Street. Drove by this morning and didn't have any idea where the parking areas are. Is it across the street on Skillman or is it just all on the side streets? Thanks

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  1. I don't remember there being a lot, I parked down the street.

      1. If you haven't been as of yet, you will be underwhelmed by the parking, the building, the neighborhood. But consider it a gem in the rough, for what lies inside is worth the effort. I am sure that is why you are going.

        1. You CAN park at the garage on the corner!

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          1. You park on the street just like what parking should be instead of a valet taking over an area and forcing you to valet. I love York St for always keeping it real...and this includes the parking situation - on the street and real.

            York St
            6047 Lewis St, Dallas, TX 75206