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Jun 15, 2010 12:14 PM

Anyone been to Celestino's Cafe in Chatham?

Wondering if it is worth checking out - any input?

Celestinos Cafe
513 Main St, Chatham, MA 02633

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  1. I wouldn't drive to Chatham especially to eat there, but if you are in Chatham for a week and looking for a place to eat, it's worth trying. The butchering of french on the menu is a total turn-off for me. They're trying to be hoity toity but I don't think they make the cut. Food is decent though, especially the pastries.

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    1. I was there this weekend. My cafe au lait was fantastic, just as my server recomended. My french toast special was tough, and rubbery. I almost asked for a steak knife. My sister ordered the french omelette which was equally unimpressive. My server was friendly and helpful, however several other servers didnt smile when they made eye contact as we waited at the coffee bar for our table. I was charged twice on my credit card for the same transaction which the credit card co is now dealing with on my behalf. My experience was that if you're in town ... the coffee selection is fantastic, but for a meal, head elsewhere. The cape has plenty of breakfast and coffeeshops that outshine this one. Here you're being (over)sold a high-end idea with low-end taste.