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Jun 15, 2010 11:38 AM

Les Filles du Roy/Bonsecours

Can anyone comment on these restauranst? We are planning to stay at the Hostellierie Pierre du Calvet in Vieux Montreal for the first time at the end of August, and thought we would try one of their restaurants. We have not been to Montreal in a few years, and sadly a few places (like Brunoise) that we would have liked to return to seem to have closed in the interim, so we are looking around for something new to us. We like a wide variety of food and experiences, so I am not limiting options by price or type of food just yet.

Thoughts (and suggestions) appreciated!

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  1. If you liked Brunoise, you will probably like "Mas Cuisine" (same chef) in Verdun (short subway trip, google for exact location)


    1. Does Filles du Roy still exist ? My goodness, I haven't been there since about 35 years ago, when my entire family was turned back at the door because I wasn't wearing a jacket - I was 7 at the time...
      There are several good options near where where you'll be staying, including L'Épicier, Garde-Manger, Da Emma, Club Chasse et Peche - all a bit different in taste and atmosphere.

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        i have had brunch there with outoftowners and the food was fine but sort of quiet in dining room, not many people so I think with good weather I would choose restaurants mentionned above or go for restaurant with terrace during the day.

      2. We visited there last fall while touristing in the old part of the city. "We" are two tweens a mom and dad. And "we" really loved it. It may be hokey and I really doubt my taste in food is as well-honed as many on this board, so please take our recommendation with something of a grain of salt. The menu was geared to present "period" foods of long ago and it was quite exciting - and interesting - for us as newcomers to Canada. We ate outside on the terrace which was very pleasant and quite busy. Indoors they were practicing a play (in French) which looked to be a lot of fun but was only presented on weekends. We enjoyed our food a lot; it was interesting and very tasty. I don't now remember well what we ordered, though. They have a website with their menu there I believe. Our experience was very positive and it amounts to a fun spot in our memories. I definitely recommend the experience; we liked the food but I cannot attest to its quality in "foodie" terms.

        BTW, don't miss the archeology museum while in Vieux Montréal!

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          aliris: I think you actually went to "Le Cabaret du Roy" and not "Les Filles du Roy". They are two different restaurants close to each other.

          Cabaret du Roy is a "Nouvelle-France" food-style restaurant with a terasse outside, they also have plays inside while you eat (


          Pictures for "Les Filles du Roy" :

          The two names are similar and confusing, especially since they're both in the same area.

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            Whoopsey! I stand corrected, red-faced.

        2. Yes, Les Filles do Roi still exists. For those of you who were turned away because of some dress code, fear not - for that has gone the way of the dial-up telephone. I ate there this summer. It was hot outside and inside even more so. One would think that after all theses years they could figure out how airco works.
          The service was very good; the food less so. The decor, heavy on velour and columns where none were appreciated was over done, even an inside mini balcony - it reminded me of a Hollywood version of a wild west house of ill-repute. One thing that has not changed after all these years was the prices. Nostalgia over-charged! But for all that, an interesting experience...once.