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Jun 15, 2010 11:27 AM

Need tuna packed in jar with olive oil - Charlotte, NC

Anyone know of a store where one can find tuna packed in jars, in olive oil?

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  1. Callipo sells tuna packed in jars with olive oil......expensive!

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    1. re: sakeandgin

      I bet expensive but every so often one needs to experience real food. Where is Callipo? I googled and nothing came up.

      1. re: Michael1013 they are the producer from italy available at gourmet stores and for sure on line...i'm from the north how about teeter in your area?

    2. Try Pasta & Provisions?

      Pasta & Provisions
      1528 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

      1. Ditto Pasta and Provisions. You may also try Ferrucci's if you are north and I also think there is an Italian butcher in Waxsaw (south) but I cannot remember the details. Another thought would be to call Dean and DeLuca.

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          1. re: little debbie

            The Italian butcher, What's Your Beef, is no longer in Waxhaw. They relocated to the Ballantyne area - in the space formerly occupied by Jersey Girl Bakery (near Five Guys). However, he would not carry tuna packed in olive oil. He's strictly a beef/pork/chicken kind of butcher - no frills and no speciality item extras.

          2. The FRESH MARKET sells it. The ZOE brand is awsome!!!!

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            1. re: lutherben

              if your looking at brands you should also explore Ortiz also has fantastic anchovies