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Jun 15, 2010 11:21 AM

Clover Food Truck in Dewey Square (South Station)

The yummy (and cheap!) Clover Food Truck is now at South Station. Went today and got a BBQ Seitan sandwich for $5. The hot item of the day seemed to be the chick pea sandwich.

Just FYI!

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  1. loved the jicama slaw, chick pea sandwich and rhubarb agua fresca. will be back for sure!

    1. I LOVE Clover! Great addition to the neighborhood. I got a breakfast sandwich the first week which was a soft boiled egg, cheddar, and tomato in wheat pita. I think they use wheat pita for all their sandwiches. Can't wait to try the muffins, granola, oatmeal, and popovers!

      For lunch, The BBQ seitan was awesome. I was worried that it would be very BBQ-y, but it had just the right amount of sauce with a tiny bit of heat, some lettuce, tomato, and cheese (I think there was melted cheese, it could have been mayo). The rosemary fries were fantastic, and even better was that I saw the potato being cut, then put into the fryer, then served to me hot and fresh. The chickpea sandwich was very good and reminded me of a falafel. The quinoa salad (with almonds and golden raisins) was fine, but a bit bland. Also on the menu were 3 other sandwiches: Soy BLT, Egg and Eggplant, and Pimento. I know there were 4 salads, but can't remember all the details. Other than the quinoa there was roasted carrot, fennel and something, and Greek couscous. All sandwiches were $5 and salads and fries were $3. I believe drinks (iced tea, lemonade etc) were $2.

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      1. re: soxchik

        Mmmmmm. The popovers are great.

        I liked the chickpea sandwich too, and the fries. I'm glad these guys are doing well and keeping the prices low. Go CLOVER!!!

      2. I was SO excited to see them setting up before lunch - went back after 1p and only had to wait ten minutes or so - the rosemary fries were the same amazing ones from MIT, the BBQ seitan equally awesome, and the quinoa salad to took for dinner was incredibly tasty (in spite of some kind of raisin or dried fruit i didn't like) - all for $11 - I think I'll be back tomorrow - and yes, the falafel sandwiches were really flying out of there - they looked and smelled really good. What a superfine addition to the Dewey farmers market!!

        1. WOW this beet salad is fantastic!! $3!

          Fries are OK. I like the rosemary. Not as crispy as I would like, though.

          Definitely will try the sandwiches.

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          1. re: Alcachofa

            I agree, that the fries could be more crispy, but I still found them to be pretty good. I had the BBQ Seiten, which was ok, but not nearly as good as the Chickpea fritter I had yesterday. I think it was because of the pickled vegetables that come with the chickpea as opposed to the Lettuce and tomato with the seitan.

            Anyone try the egg and eggplant or the cold pea soup?

            1. re: tysonmcneely

              I tried the egg and eggplant today - it's a quite tasty and filling sandwich, however, it was hardboiled eggs sliced with eggplant and condiments - I had envisioned a warm egg sandwich so it was a letdown - I will be back for the chickpea soon and more of the BBQ seitan as well - my fries were crispy and tasty again today - for the handcut variety vs. the multiple-fried versions like Eastern Standard, Drink, and McDonald's.

              Eastern Standard
              528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

            2. re: Alcachofa

              I went today, and while my Eggplant sandwich was wonderful, the fries were a bit undercooked and soggy. I think they're saving time by only frying them once instead of the double frying that would make them uber crispy.
              I'm glad they're around though, will make a regular stop when I'm at the Farmer's market for sure.

              1. re: cpingenot

                I've had the "egg and eggplant," the chickpea fritter, and the soy BLT sandwiches. Only change I would make with the "egg/egg" would be to season the egg a bit, kind of egg-salad like; at the very least it needed a bit of salt, but the eggplant portion was very well seasoned and tasty; also, you get all egg first, then all eggplant, just the way they arrange it in the pita (which, I should add, is an awesome, substantial and chewy whole-wheat affair), and I would prefer some mixing. Chickpea fritter is awesome, especially if you like pickled veggies, which they do very well (all housemade). Soy BLT was a bit scant on the tempeh strips (subbing for bacon here); pita was mostly filled with just lettuce and tomato. The tempeh was tasty but that sandwich is way less filling for your $5 than either the chickpea of the egg/egg.

                The veggie salads are great---can't rave enough about the fennel & grapefruit, which also has hazelnuts, cumin & fennel seeds. super complex, refreshing, satisfying, original. Dying to try the beet/goat cheese, roasted carrot, etc. So glad this place is right near my office! (I can actually see it from my window, so I know when the line is long!).

            3. Where exactly is the truck? I'm not finding anything on the Web site with an actual intersection, etc. Hoping to hit it today...

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              1. re: davis_sq_pro

                Its in the area near South Station where the farmer's market is. Between Atlantic and Purchase streets. Across from the Dunkin Donuts, on the grass.

                  1. re: soxchik

                    just came back from lunch from the Clover Truck. My fries were excellent and the standout. Yeah they could have been a tad bit crispier but then again I have never met a fry that couldn't be a bit more crispy. I had the chickpea sandwich and it was good but not great. I rather get a falafel from Falafel Guy on Winter St. Looking forward to trying the BBQ Seiten.

                    Random side note, Mumbles Menino was there eating a sandwich from the truck and seemed to enjoy the food and atmosphere (live jazz playing on the grass and the farmers market). More food trucks please Boston! these are win win.