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Jun 15, 2010 11:17 AM

Please help with new situation in Paris

I was asked by my uncle to organise a trip for him, his girlfriend and their 10 year old daughter to Paris for a long weekend.
When I go, I usually want to try new foods, go to good restaurants regardless of cost and I speak French. However, my uncle does not know Paris, is not too adventurous regarding new cuisines, does not speak French, does not drink wine, is not willing to overspend for food and has a spoilt 10 year old in tow. So I can't really imagine where to send him except for the Hippopotamus :-)

So, here we go - they are staying at Hotel Bretonnerie on rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie in the 4th arr.
Could you please recommend any decent bistros which would be around their hotel and which could cater for non-French speaking clientelle? The price range should be up to 20 eur for main course. And where to go for that Parisien specialty - steak frites?
I am interested in the evening meals only and the days are Wednesday to Saturday.
Thanks a lot!

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  1. I highly recommend Lescure on Rue Mondovi, just off Rivoli, near the Place Concorde. Moderate price, great down to earth food. On a nice day, outside seating.

    1. I hope you did not book that hotel; where to find steak/frites is a minor issue compared to that area and that hotel. Then again, maybe this is payback time. Good luck to them.

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      1. re: Oakglen

        I happen to love that street, but maybe you were referring to the poor quality of the hotel and not the gayness of the area? As for food, maybe Le Gaigne would be a good fit for the family? I think I remember the menu had an English translation, and the food's lovely but not all exotic.

        1. re: schtroumpfette

          Ok, maybe I got a bad room; bumped my head one to many times on the exposed beams. Outside of Le Gaigne, I don't find the restaurant scene in that area of much interest , especially given the issues cited by Alexandra. On the positive side, the #1 metro line can access most of the favorite tourist sites. Re steak/frites, Bofinger does it well, but outside the stated budget.

          1. re: Oakglen

            I have stayed at the hotel and thought it fine, it was typical of Paris for the money. It is well located for restaurants and the great buzz that is in the Marais. Many of the restaurants are well priced because the target market is the younger fashionable crowd That said the Marais is a very hip area with a lively night life, I love it, but it may not be great for a teetotal uncle and a spoilt 10 year old....!

      2. Sounds like it's time for Bofinger and Leon de Bruxelles.
        For steak/frites walking distance - Le Relais de L'Isle (St Louis)
        Ice cream/sorbet?

        Would crepes or falafel be a stretch?

        1. Thanks very much. Oakglen, you scare me with your comments re the hotel. They need to stay in the center and on the RER A line So if you know a better neighbourhood for restaurants and hotels with the above constraints, please tell me! As I said, I either spend much less money or much more, I have never been in the "reasonable" category :-)

          For now, I have on my list:
          Le Coude Fou
          Le Gaigne
          Le Trumilou
          Ma Bourgogne
          Bistrot de l'oulette
          and Place du marché Sainte Catherine in general, even though the last three are a short bit of a walk from the hotel.

          Also, there should be a street full of food shops and restaurants and a market nearby? Where is it?
          Crepes and Falafel/Middle Eastern, even Marroccan would be great!

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          1. re: sasicka

            That area is probably the best for Falafel in Paris; if you do a search for "cachere", I'm guessing that many kosher restaurants will be within walking distance. And I forgot to note that the hotel lacked AC when I was there.

            1. re: sasicka

              Based on the tasting menu I once had at Le Gaigne, I wouldn't recommend it for someone who is "not too adventurous regarding new cuisines".

            2. Oh, and thanks for the Isle St Louis recs, I will definitely send them there as well.
              Do any of the above restaurants require reservations?

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              1. re: sasicka

                There are 2 places on R. de Turrenne that I would recommend. Comptoir des Mers for seafood and Cafe des Musee. They may push your price limit though.

                1. re: dennis855

                  I'd second the Comptoir des Mers; I ate there for the first time a few weeks ago and it was quite good but the price is out. I estimated that with coffee and a bottle of cheapo wine a couple will exit 119 Euros poorer.