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Jun 15, 2010 09:22 AM

Akron Business Lunch

I'm looking for a place in Akron for a small business lunch, with an out of town guest from the South -something that represents Akron or Midwest, midprice range, not too loud, no chain, somewhere we can linger for a while...any good ideas ?

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  1. Downtown? Try Crave for funky food and atmosphere at reasonable prices. It can get a tad bit loud at the height of lunch or dinner hour, but otherwise it sounds like what you're looking for. Easy parking in the deck across the street. A seat by the windows allows you to look out at the Akron Art Museum.

    Bricco is a little more mainstream foodwise. Pizzas, salads, pastas, etc. and a bit quieter. I was just there myself today for a business lunch.

    I have heard good things about Cilantro if you like Thai and/or sushi, but haven't been there yet. It's in a very cool space that used to be a bank.

    If you're not necessarily looking for a downtown spot, post back and I'll give you a few favorites in whatever 'burb you'll be near.

    1 W Exchange St Ste A, Akron, OH 44308