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Jun 15, 2010 08:56 AM

Are Buff's Pub wings really all that ?

Everyone seems to think Buffs Pub in Newton has the best wings in Boston ... Is it really worth the pilgrimage out there? Anyone know a restaurant in Boston with comparable wings?

Buff's Pub
317 Washington St, Newtonville, MA 02458

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  1. I like Buffs. While I have had better, they are the best in the immediate Boston area. And pilgrimage? Not sure where you are located but Buffs is no more than 3-4 miles from the Boston city limits.

    1. Go! They're great. If you're on the South Shore, you only need to go as far as the Fat Cat in Quincy center. They're also great.

      Fat Cat
      24 Chestnut St, Quincy, MA 02169

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      1. re: CocoDan

        Tried Fat Cat for the 1st time this evening. Got the medium buffalo for take out. Decent but not impressed. My favorites are Whiskey's on Boylston and then Uno's. I have yet to try Buff's or real wings from Buffalo, NY.

      2. Buffalo wings as they're done in Buffalo, NY are pretty simple: deep-fried wings (no batter), sauced with butter and Frank's hot sauce, served with crudites and blue-cheese dressing on the side. Buff's does a very good version of this canonical style. I know people who prefer the wings at other places, but Buff's are my favorite. It doesn't hurt that they're served in the sort of casual, neighborhood tavern that wouldn't be out of place in Buffalo, either.

        1. Buff's is worth it IMO, in addition to the Buffalo wings I find the honey hots to be mildly addicting.

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          1. re: rr2035

            I actually like the honey hots better. They are quite addictive!

            1. re: Gabatta

              I prefer the classic Buffalo style, but the honey hots are tasty, and might be their best seller.


          2. They're good, but not great. If only they could figure out how to make a really crispy wing without turning the meat dry and hard.

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            1. re: LStaff

              Any thoughts on other worthy wing venues? I'm as likely to get them someplace that's merely convenient to me and has the game on (my neighborhood pub, for instance) as make the pilgrimage to a Buff's, but it's always nice to hear about people's favorites.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                i've had buff's wings dozens of times over the last 15 years, and the consistency has been phenomenal! i prefer the honey hot, but the regular have just enough heat to make you sweat but not enough to kill your palette. they also travel very well. i can't think of anyone in boston who blows them away. also - bartenders and servers are usually on top of their game at buffs. i'll give a shout out to quickies in springfield though, where i had my very first buffalo wing.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  FAT CAT in Quincy.

                  I used to like the wings at Orchard Park Grill in Watertown, but then we were always drinking a lot of beer at the time.

                  Orchard Park Grill
                  208 Waverley Ave, Watertown, MA 02472

                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    I was a fan of The Chicken bone - until my last visit. Really flabby wings - might as well have been steamed - and when I complained the bartender told me that's how they always make them - and if I wanted crispy, I had to ask for it. Then they refried the wings they served me and returned them overcooked with no sauce. Funny how I never asked for them to be crispy in the past, they always just came that way. If you are purposely serving flabby wings, you fail to understand what makes a good chicken wing. But it could have just been the kitchen staff that day that was more interested in quickly putting food out than putting quality food out - even though it wasn't all that busy. Either way, unnacceptable.

                    I have no favorite buffalo style wing in the area, but would agree that Buffs is one of the better places around. But I love the Spicy Carolina wings at Bison County in Waltham. Slightly smoked, then (slighlty) charred on the grill with a fruity habenero mustard sauce added and more on the side for, I mean dipping.

                    1. re: LStaff

                      Flabby wings are gross, IMO. WINGS-MUST-BE-CRISPY

                      1. re: LStaff

                        Agreed that the Bison Carolina wings are a really tasty item, and I have had them at least 4 or 5 times, very enjoyable. However, not to be confused with a "Buffalo" style wing. If you use the word Buffalo in the item description, and bring out a different recipe, you are going to get slammed for disappointing people( even though your dish might be wonderful on its own merits ).

                      2. re: MC Slim JB

                        I am a frequent proponent of the wings at Wendell's in Norton. I actually prefer them to the ones at Buff's and have even driven down from Boston to get some of their sauce when making a large batch of my own wings!

                        1. re: TomH

                          That's a long way to go for wings! I know at least one other person who considers Wendell's the best in (Greater) Greater Boston and doesn't think Buff's is all that.


                          1. re: TomH

                            While we have only tried it once, I thought Wendell's was terrible in every way. The wings reminded me of Hooters for some reason. They weren't breaded, but heavily fried, not meaty and the sauce (while tasty) was strangely clumped on. An $8 order of wings wasn't enough to feed one person. They do note that they only have one fryer on the menu, but it still took 45+ min for the crappy wings to come out. Then after waiting another 30+ min while vainly trying to flag down the waitress for our check, we approximated the total from the menu and just left cash on the table.

                            At least the beer was cold, and luckily we were in the area (still were pissed to have gone even 10 min out of our way for this dump).

                            I meant to post about it at the time (a few months ago). Maybe we had an off experience, but everything about this place s*cked.

                            This thread is making me hungry for wingy though.

                            1. re: Gabatta

                              Over the years I have stopped and sampled the wings at Wendell's. As a small townie place, they're easily understaffed if the get a rush ==> the wait. The wings can also be inconsistent. I have had the overcooked, dried up wings there too, and have written it off as a bad day. But they also seemed to reduce the portion size and/or the wing size when the economic downturn hit.

                              Buff's may have raised the price, but they kept the portion and product size the same. That, and the fact that I have never had a bad wing there, keep me coming to Buff's.

                              Your mileage may vary. :)

                              Buff's Pub
                              317 Washington St, Newtonville, MA 02458

                              30 W Main St, Norton, MA 02766

                          2. re: MC Slim JB

                            Buff's is approximately 1 mile from Oak Square in Brighton. Not really a pilgrimage if you can walk there. The wing are awesome, beer cold, staff friendly.

                            Oak Square Cafe
                            433 Faneuil St, Brighton, MA 02135

                          3. re: LStaff

                            I've eaten at Buff's many times and never had that problem. But if you think about what you are asking for, it is actually impossible. You want crispy wings without being crispy???? The wings at Buff's are done perfectly. There is nothing worse than undercooked wings, and nothing better than a crispy, delicious, well sauced wing. Buff's delivers every time.

                            1. re: discodan

                              No, crispy exterior that still stays crispy until the last wing is finished, and a somewhat juicy interior that has not been overcooked. First time at Buff's, didn't ask for anything special, and the exterior came out a little crispy/ a little flabby, but the meat itself was in good shape. But by the time I was half done, they were all soggy. Next time asked for crispy wings, exterior was nicely crispy, but interior was dry and shriveled up as hard as a pencil eraser. Although I like their sauce, its the fry job that makes the difference between a good wing and a great wing imo. Still searching for a great buffalo wing in the area...