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Jun 15, 2010 07:26 AM

Dotori - Japanese/Korean at Finsbury Park [London]

Had a pretty good lunch today at Dotori, just by Finsbury Park Station.

I ordered a bulgogi bento box. Meal started out with a small salad (iceberg lettuce in an Asian-style goopy dressing), then the bento box arrived, and it consisted of: bulgogi (generous portion of beef, sauteed with onion, pepper, zucchini), two bbq pork skewers, two veggie gyoza, a bean sprout salad, a radish salad, rice, dipping sauce. I was also served miso soup on the side.

It was a very big lunch, and the total price (without beverage) was £7.90, which I thought was a decent deal considering the quantity of food.

Other dishes on neighboring tables looked good too (bibimbap, sauteed squid, various stews), and while I don't think this is necessarily a destination restaurant, it's not bad if you're in the area, or craving Korean in North London.

Dave MP

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  1. I live locally and I really like to go here for a bibimbap before Arsenal games. I'd say they're the star performer of the restaurant by a mile and I rarely get anything else.

    The sushi is actually pretty good on the whole too though.

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      totally agree.. everything i tried here was great -esp the bibimbap and the kimchee.
      A great local joint.