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Jun 15, 2010 06:47 AM

Need help with a wedding reception

Hey everyone!!! My fiance and I are looking for a nice place that has "GREAT" food to have our wedding reception at in a 45 minute radius from central NJ. We'll probably have around 250 people attending. Any recommendations would be a great help.

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  1. Budget?? 'GREAT' won't come cheap.

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      I'd heartily recommend the Imperia on Easton in Somerset right off of #287. I personally know the head chef there and I've spent time in their kitchen, perused the various menus for their upcoming weddings and corporate events.

      That being said, I'll also add that there's a 110% focus on quality and the result is some very unique and creative dishes coming out of that kitchen. Their appetizers are outrageous, with that menu being varied and eclectic, pocketbook notwithstanding.

      I've also attended two weddings there and objectively speaking, it is as good as it can be at the Imperia for this sized affair. Simply beautiful room(s) with one having all the doors open up to a full sized patio (for martini bar, and appetizer tables etc) as well as having enough room for a stringed quartet as was the case at my niece's affair last May.

      Good luck.

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        The Molly Pitcher's food for weddings is fine, and the view down the Navesink "fjord" can't be beat...but you will spend a ton.

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          i second the imperia- i was at two affairs there last year and the variety and quality of food was above average for a catering hall

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          I know it wont come cheap. I told to have it at a nice park and get it catered so that we could buy a 25' Parker. We probably have a 50k budget

        3. Went to a very nice event at the Stone House in Warren (or Stirling Ridge). Food was definitely better than many other places I've been for weddings. Don't know how it works out on the budget issue. http://www.stonehouseatstirlingridge....

          Stone House
          50 Stirling Road, Warren, NJ 07059

          1. The Nassau Inn in Princeton was good and they were willing to work with us on some "out of the box" ideas for food.

            How big do you need? Depending on the size, some restaurants do wonderful receptions. but if you have 200 people, you'll need a more traditional hall. I believe if you can go restaurant you'll have lots more options.

            1. Ocean Place in Long Branch has plenty of "GREAT" options. As far as the food goes, go & taste it. Here is the link for their weddings:

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                Ria Mar in South River. I've been to a lot of weddings in the poshest places but if your looking for people to be talking about the food (lobster,steak,shrimp) you can't beat them.
                Ask for Roy he is one of the owners.

              2. The Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange. Delicious, beautiful, and accommodates 250. May bust the budget though.