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Jun 15, 2010 06:39 AM

Peruvian market in Denver/Boulder?

Does anyone know of a market in the Denver/Boulder area that has a good selection of Peruvian food (especially produce, like rocotos)? I've been to Rancho Liborio and a few smaller Hispanic markets, but their emphasis seems to be on Mexican food. Thanks!

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  1. i know of a peruvian bakery that has great alfajor (azucar bakery, broadway and hampden) but dont know about a market.

    1. The Mexican manzana chile is essentially the same as the Peruvian rocoto.

      1. there is also a restaurant on east colfax called pisco sour that is peruvian. i have never eaten there so i cannot attest to how good it is, but there u go. as far as peruvian markets...??? maybe the people at pisco sour would know if there is one around. its sort of in the hood, ok its RIGHT in the hood, so just be aware.